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To head coach Dabo Swinney, the projected first overall pick in next year's NFL draft. Lawrence will have to remain isolated at least 10 days, meaning he will miss Saturday's game against Boston College. His status for next Saturday against Notre Dame also up in the air. Atlanta Falcons opened week eight of the N F L season with an upset on second down, Ryan was right has got a lot of grass in front of him now touched courtesy of Fox. Matt Ryan, with a rare rushing touchdown is the Falcon Stop The Carolina Panthers 25 17 Teo to two and six on the season, still sitting at the bottom of the NFC South, but now just one game behind the Panthers in third at three and five. Tony LaRussa will be a manager once again, the Hall of Fame skipper announcing that he'll be taking over the helm of the Chicago White Sox, a role he held 34 years ago. 76 year old LaRussa has not been a managerial roles since 2011 when he led the ST Louis Cardinals to a World Series victory in his 16th and final season at the helm there, and I could start to think, you know, maybe this is gonna happen. It's probably going to happen. My internal response has been excitement. I haven't had the first regret. I'm fired up. Ready to go. The roots of the third winningest manager in MLB history, was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame back in 2014 and now becomes the first Hall of Fame manager to return to the majors After being inducted into Cooperstown. They says the Detroit Tigers are close to finalizing a deal with former Houston Astros manager A J Inch to become their new skipper. And the Arizona Coyotes renouncing fourth round draft pick Mitchell Miller. That's after more details emerged of past assault and racism by the defenseman against a black classmate with developmental disabilities. And that your sports on the Fox News rundown man, Napolitano, Fox News..

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