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Think it's too good to be true or maybe through strange to be true go check out the photos at lindsay vaughn on social media that's the best thing i saw in sports this week now let's get to our special guest interview on the radio disney sports podcast it's will espn analysts in one of the best football players ever charles woodson check it out yoad charles woodson of what is going on i do i cannot believe you're on the show thanks for joining us man tournament why no you know this from experience who played in green bay a lot of these nfl playoff games are super cold in the negative degrees single digits how do you get ready for a game like this would wondering about it you don't want to negative to everybody there's no there's no advantages you know everybody who are going to be equally as code on both side line so you know the thing about it is you'd have to do your best to go out there and try to game as if it was you know sixty seventy degrees i mean he's got a block it out because i mean everybody's gonna be out there is going to be code can be hard to ground gonna be our on modern it hit the going to be a little bit harder because you're going to be so code so whoever can get past the most uh you know black pets at coldness out in in just go out there and execute that's going to be later what's the coldest game you've ever played at the call of the game is have to be a chicago um i believe bill was two thousand seven in the wind picked up to you know something crazy knows maybe fifty mile an hour winds or something like that it was blowing people over he could barely stand up and you know wouldn't have blamed are the temperature drops and was unbelievably code our member land referee like wanted to push through tv time out with code five we we'll keep the club role is we're not found in we're not calling any penalties as immobile do you have to think of yourself like in miami or like in malibu are like in somewhere.

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