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W on my C in New York. It's 8 32. Good morning. I'm David 1st 23 degrees in New York City Sunny skies today with a high of 33. New York's attorney general, is suing Amazon over the company's alleged mistreatment of workers during the pandemic. Attorney General Leticia James says the company failed to take adequate health and safety measures. To protect employees in New York, for example, by knowingly operating at Staten Island warehouse with dozens of workers who had the Corona virus and not notifying other workers who came into contact with them. James says the company also illegally fired employees who raised concerns. The company did not immediately respond to our request for comment. Some transit advocates are backing up the empty A's call for more police officers underground to help subway writers feel safe. The NYPD has sent 500 extra officers into the system following four stabbings on the A line last week, two of them fatal. But the empty A wants 1000 more officers. Lisa Daghlian is the executive director of the Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee to the M to, she says the demand makes sense. The addition of more uniformed officers in this system will help people feel comfortable as some of them are writing again for the first time in almost a year. Police officials say there are currently enough officers patrolling the subways. New Yorkers with upcoming vaccine appointments at Mount Sinai are receiving cancelation notices this week. As Caroline Lewis reports, the situation is distressing for those who books well in advance. Those second does appointments will still be fulfilled. An insider at the hospital network says the move likely impacts thousands of patients and employees do to new expansions ineligibility. They'll now be competing against 3.2 million people for first dose. One Upper West Sider said she booked her March 3rd appointment in early Janu. Mary. She's frustrated that Mount Sinai simply told her toe look elsewhere. Given that many essential workers and older adults are still awaiting their first dose. The cancelations mean members of at risk groups are now at the back of the line. A spokesman for the governor's office, says, quote. We have repeatedly told providers not to schedule appointments for the following week until they are notified. How many doses they are being allocated. We're not sure why Mount Sinai continues to.

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