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Next up is the man of the hour the one that everyone just been waiting to say ladies and gentlemen that guy you hear talking about stories about his life for hours on end over and over again adam. Corolla eat now. Starting to think like brian because i feel like i initially kind of pooh-poohed what you were saying about drinks words. It's how he said endlessly talking about like you know from the man show you know from crank and love line. You know to bring those up. Well yeah. I mean a proud proud of that stuff. Of course i'd be proud of it to the man. Xiao manjula great honor that Oh i can tell you guys a a joke from. The roast reminded me speaking of that bill. Bill you can come into my roast joke for cousins. Sales rose i. That's great yeah. I can't even find it. Oh man show yeah okay. I said on exciting personal note this was me roasting jimmy's cousin sal. Okay chimneys country. Jimmy comedy club. Friday unexciting personal note. It looks like the man show reunion. The live man show reunion tour is finally going to happen. I don't want to jinx it. But i think by this time tomorrow. I'll be able to make a formal announcement. I just don't want to say anything ahead of time. And that because stanhope said he wanted to sleep on it. Adam you know when something is so funny. You can't even let me just happened. But i think you have to laugh. If that funny my brain exploded with how hilarious could was and couldn't even muster a laugh. Okay you want to try to bring me up on more one more time. Okay can put some passion. You think i'm fighting. Oh absolutely i know you're not sarcastic about like no you genuinely respect me as yuks from adam corolla show but i mean look. Obviously we're contemporaries. We're both big ours in this town. And i know how much deep respect you have for me because you've told me before on your show many times so a little while okay but just take some of the show. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah ooh we got into the early. Two thousand appointed says put calendar way. Bill just really focus on that respect in the the admiral admire me. I mean weird for me say but obviously you've absolute fire me because you know we're appears to be a pair of make people laugh for living. Yeah so if you just sorta take that lead with that and with that let that propel you this okay. Do this bring again clubs hot set. I mean right filled the capacity of bring me out energy right okay and respect. I really wanna please you this time. Admiration okay awesome. Matt in absolute. Oh yeah here we go okay folks. That's my time next. Up is the man we've all been waiting for. You may know him from that. Show with the puppets. I can't remember the name but he plays some vietnam vet guy. What's his name Burcham burcham. I don't want to let's just research. A big hit fiji these lines off current. Yeah it's a big shift. I'll practice of course you may know him from crank yankers which is a bunch of puppets or you may know him from the man show where there are junkies where women jump up and down on a trampoline. Adam corolla accurate bill. I'll tell you why you know. No no that's fine. First off your professional right. I'll work. I feel like when you hit the stage. That energy's gonna come when i'm trying to please you. Yeah like you spend so much time trying to police me. Condon's dialogue a little bit. Oh god if you didn't like me. What would i do the saints. Don't feel bad. don't know yourself up bill right. Yeah don't beat yourself up thank you. Yeah i went to sleep like a baby. Tonight will brian. She still sounds a catholic deal. Everybody's i think he's being sincere extremists or kostic. Kerr's voice of my all right. Let's bring it home. Gina gina grad. And that's the news jerking up on me. That was the news with gene grad last but not least their second to last one at least there's liquid. Iv man when you worked out when you travel you go to vegas son. You're in the cabana. Put down some cocktails. May need your liquid. Iv we always travel with this stuff. One stick of liquid. I v liquid. Iv by the way sixteen ounces of water poured into sixteen ounces watered hydrates faster and more efficiently than the water loan. Great flavors like a watermelon and strawberry and lemon lime. No preservatives less sugar than one single apple. And like i said if you're working out it's hot outside hotter out here when we got out of the plane it was actually hotter and van nuys. And it wasn't vegas yes. It is hot so pack your liquid. iv port you're putting your water shake it up and by the way in response to cova nineteen liquid. Iv has donated four million servings to hospitals and food banks veterans and active military. It's liquid iv. Right dasa grabber liquid ivy.

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