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Trump any anybody and this is the fact that that we did it and I know why we did it here came the projections here came the models remember I was out for two weeks because of a very bad reactions some side effects the my phase one cancer treatment amount two weeks the first day back is when the models are being used to project all this and I remember the for the first hour my voice was really weak I was still trying to get back in in shape and I remembered I'm plugging through and warning everybody these models didn't have a prayer being right because they're never right and I correlated them the climate change models who have yet to be correct and with climate change man made climate change we don't have any data all we've got our model projections of what the fears are twenty and thirty years down the road we don't have there isn't any don't doubt me on this there isn't any actual data are you can have left wing blogs sites give you pictures fraudulent pictures of polar bears on little thin sheets of ice that are made up and you can talk about rising sea levels in Borneo Bora Bora that may be temporary but they're portrayed as prominent you can talk about the king tides that happen in Honolulu and in Miami which temporary flood downtown areas and you can have a picture of that published as though it's permanent sealevel rise but legitimate legitimate change has he yet to occur it remains model projections and they haven't been right Paul Ehrlich's models on what would happen if the world population became half what it is today you realize it was gonna be masturbation and this guy still go well he still is a golden source he's never been right these models haven't been right so this this shut down it has I'm telling you it has ripped my heart out because of the effect that it's having on the people of this country who are just powerless in the face of their government they have to trust that they have to trust that what they're being told to do is for their own benefit and this well a permanent shutdowns certainly I'm doing well I mean that there's there's there's there's not all solution in the midst of a shutdown otherwise we shut down permanently if shutdowns way to go if shut down all the way to never die if shutdowns were the words of the where the when the waiter eliminate risk in life then we would be living in permanent shut down and of course we're not hang on I gotta take.

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