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Governor Kay Ivey extending the safer at home order the mask a mandate now going through March 5th the governor, citing a spike in cases after the holidays, But after the Christmas and New Year's holidays Co 19 numbers And the number of hospitalizations were higher than ever Date. Health officer Dr Scott Harris says they're contacting the 502 providers of the vaccine around the state to make sure they're using the vaccine that's been allotted to them. All County health departments now under orders to give out all the vaccine they have every day all day until they run out and putting it into speculation that he might join the Biden administration. Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin says no, he's running for re election. So if we put Look forward to working with Biden administration, but I will be working with the administration while serving this mirror, burning him. I'm Leah Brandon, and this is Alabama's morning news Now back to your host. Here's J T. All right, Leah. Thank you very much. It is 6 34 Alabama's Morning news. Well, this is kind of interesting here. Not only is President Trump left the Oval Office, but it also looks like the Diet Coke button has left as well. Are you familiar with this? Yes, very famous button that would bring the President Trump Ah beverage when he pressed it Well, it's absent in the photos of the President Joe Biden's Resolute desk posted yesterday, Ex White House aide Chris Simms claims that Trump would use the button in a prank guests into thinking he was launching nuclear devices when in reality was alert for his staffers. That he was Thursday. Bring me a Diet Coke. Yeah, by and got rid of that. He also got rid of a mil. The military flags in the Oval Office. You see that? Why is he doing this? Is it offensive now have military flags, and we're offending people. Now it's unbelievable on a believable How about some good news this morning, Robert Peters has been delivering pizza for the Tipton, Indiana Pizza Hut for 31 years. And the town calls him Mr Smiley. Well when he had car trouble with his 28 year old Oldsmobile regular customer started to go fund me to buy him a new car. Raised $18,000 and surprise him with the 2017 Chevy Malibu, along with paying for the registration, the insurance and the taxes. They also gave private on the gas card and a big nice. Thank you. Tip is well. That's the way to take care of somebody in your community. How about them? I love this 12 pair of anonymous donors have paid off $95,000 worth of medical bills for patients it Pratt Regional Medical, centering Pratt, Kansas, The hospital says the generous gift allowed them to pay the debt owed by 430 families. No word on who the givers were, but they're active kindness, obviously helping hundreds of people there. That is just incredible right there. Did you see that? The Powerball has a winner. And that winner is out of Maryland. I mean, this This is a ton of money, and apparently, the good news is The family that one. It's in a really small part of Maryland rural town and it's a poor town. Obviously, it's got about 22% unemployment obviously way above. The national average, but they're not going to unveil who it is just yet they may or may not Maryland's one of those states. Where you have the option of not coming forward and saying who you are that one the money, but My gosh, That's a lot of money that they have one now. I mean, you know, after the cash payout and everything The Powerball jackpot now starts over 20 million, But you know, it's unbelievable that it was 750 billion or something like this. And then cash payout was 500 million and After that, in taxes and everything, and they're probably gonna walk away, You know, $250 million But I'm not sure we're ever gonna find out about it. But it was one winning family is about 300 families living there in this little town. It's called LA Koning, Maryland. Locking Oni, Lana Koning. Lana Koning, Maryland. I think that's how you pronounce it, but it's a poor little town and, uh, you know, it's It's a couple that they have won this money so You know, bless them. That is good news for them. There's no doubt about that. 6 37 Alabama's Morning news. So all this talk about the mass mandate the president signed this whole new. You gotta wear it on federal property. Keep going. We're fighting code. Well, you know. His rapid tests are marginally less accurate, but it's more than you know, offset by their volume. I mean Testing tens of millions of people daily, as opposed to two million frequency people contest themselves often. When is this happening? Well, I think that there's some folks it also think that we should You know its citizens of this country do what we need to do. But it be our decision and not have the government, you know, hammers down on this. Doug Badger is going to join us from the Heritage Foundation coming up here and talking about the lockdowns and the social distancing in the max the they were being mandated to where Is it really working the curb covered 19. We'll chat. Three minutes. Alabama's morning news. Free healthcare hundreds to more than $1000 per month and disability compensation and tens of thousands for college tuition. These are just some of the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs..

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