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For hearing gets me out of a lot of damn work from my lustrous wife kristen so now it a series note nine relate done nothing to mess with it i still hear pretty damn good i mean not really but i can't get enough to hear what i think i need to hear so i'm gonna leave my here in as it is and when it comes time to get the hearing aids and couple of years then and only then will i get me some here in age here's a restaurant question comes from brian burke steve i've always wondered what's like to be on the receiving end of what gorilla monsoon would call a reverse knife edge chop for example a flare shop are they as pavelec eight look and sound did you ever ask a guy to lighten up or refuse to take them but as a bottle shops i was never been chop guy i threw a few chops back in my day because you know for time it seemed like they were the thing to do and you know flare kind of had that you know he was expert at that and ricky steamboat shop steamboats chops were easy but back in the day when i was worked with flying brian filmon and he loved chop and brian can chop your ass off holy smokes new could shop hard we weren't gonna loop down here in florida i guess might have been a jacksonville one night and i was kind of turned in my body to try to save chess moves chops and brian called my ass out on it after the match he goes stave goes you you know if you don't want to take with shops just tell me because you're turning into not getting effect they need so we're just gonna limit them if you don't want to take them and hasn't made pre strove statement but he was right they weren't effective there were making the same sound and when he called me out on that from then on dude i took him straight on is lay aman i'll take them and then.

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