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You can have two ways. You can have a collection of canadian. Ex-pats in your country or a collection of your ex pats in the us or canada. And that's kind of how brazil kinda started but now in we will learn during our interview. Now they've got ice and that is a game changer. So we will we will get to our interview with thesis oliveira and she will tell us all about it all right. We are joined by isa's from the brazilian curling club in vancouver. Is that right. That's correct nice to meet you guys. Thanks for having me here. No thank you so much for joining us. And we'll get into kind of the uniqueness of the setup you guys. Have you guys have entire league of brazilian. Curlers there in vancouver and We definitely wanna talk about that and talk about the growth of the sport in brazil in the new ice arena that you have in brazil that includes curling ice but i we wanna kinda get to know you a little bit better. Can you just tell us where you're from and what it was like growing up there well. My name's eases. I was born in some paulo in brazil. gra stay. That came to canada was twenty six. I believe them. I grew up in brazil. Have my school anniversary families friends. Everybody there any. I believe was in two thousand three. I came to canada used to work in the tv industry in brazil and even cool varies The filming this year's is really huge. Game start working here. Yeah and meantime carleen show apple my life. So how did the. How did that happen with the story behind. That story is that two thousand ten. They're winter olympic. Games was even couvert but fun enough on that timeframe was back in brazil. Visiting my family and did curly show up on. Tv like in the mainstream about the colonel lympics but curling was the first time in brazil on tv in two thousand and to new wing picks. The will that that sport was fever because it was different. What was that people sweeping. And and then i was like. Oh what is that. And then i came back to canada and then listen. Where can i do that. And that's how that starts then came back to canada. Look for occurred in place to start to learn. And that's how that started. So what was it like in brazil during the twenty two olympics. I mean what was it that Got you guys attention about about curling. Even though you're you know in in south america where there isn't a ton of snow especially on your your side of south america. You don't know the sport in you see that on tv. It's really strange. And he's earns right because we don then there's kind of sliding there is and the broom sweeping like we with our house not always the right end. It's only sports to disabled. What is this. And then i got with some other friends back here anything..

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