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Store called uncommon jane's in nashville nashville trying to say like a locals nationals like her with her her employs her staff and her living with her husband who's that nfl player jay cutler i took some notes i'm going to read you the notes of the game our long an our it's our words our and it's good to i'm trying to watch sharp objects and very cavalry on a sunday i'm giving two hours television to how is that lindsay golden age of television this season on very cavalry beginning as you put your kids on camera and she says i want i want them to make that decision i want them to just be kids so like season ten of very kava lari the kids will be it's our time to what i'm saying i i'm bringing it up because in case it's second season those kids are showing up she's gonna realize it's going to put those kids that's true but at the beginning every time she mentioned cer kids it's only happens one scene when she mentioned cer kids it cuts to her dogs i guess like the can't show that kids so they the dog sitting consent to that we'll know so she has all these employees and they come over to the house which really annoys jay cutler he's like the most he's the saoirse man in the world he doesn't his wife's entrepreneurial drugs i guess he supports it may motions why do you do this he supports it by not stopping her i guess and every other way he clearly looks down on it like with disdain he can't stand with those other women are in the house he calls them chicks thing for a woman into eighteen to have a business but to make a tv show about it's disgusting that's jane yeah no i understood so jay cutler is just sort of around and i guess i saw the ringer covered this which is really funny because of jay cutler so a lot of people are covering it because of jay cutler sports people actually are watching this i gather the first episode because he's apparently a funny character because he's such a negative nancy but the show was kind of a good stick because her shtick is boring he's very like like toxic masculinity but like unshaven and like like a really raggedy baseball cap football okay he's like toxic masculinity personified so he's just sitting around at the beginning and then there's shannon she's in charge of social media i quote it i quoted her she says this is the perfect job for me because i don't have to work hard and then there's then there's britney and brittany quote runs the brand her boyfriend she's from philadelphia so she's the northerner she's the yankee who's gone to the south and she's like i don't like these southern girls she's dating a music producer josh california and they only live there because jay is from there and she loves it so her boyfriend britney's boyfriend is nashville legend she calls an johnstone i've never heard of him as a music producer okay then then there's someone that there's kelly and kelly's my favorite because kelly the chiron says kirstin best friend or kristen's best friend but then christopher i heard one of my best friends later which i feel like there's a complication there the best the best part about this is whenever kelly shows up to like the bar with kirsten kirsten or kristen i don't know i never kristin cavallari christian kelly says it's my first night in town and kristen says i know i feel like i haven't seen you at all and it's like yeah because it's our first night in temp okay then there's then there's john there's john gurney honestly to this is the music city like sequel that yeah it's john gurney he's shannon's boyfriend and he's in barry musician so he sings a lot at one point shannon says i should be your manager like a momma but we kiss and stuff and then john says sounds like a nightmare honestly i like.

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