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Let's talk about what we can do to help change your life 5 38 Traffic and weather together let's head to Rita Kessler Right now in Maryland on southbound two 70 watch the volume coming out of urbana headed past one O 9 not a big delay but still a lot more of you headed down that direction that it looks good all the way to the lane divide headed onto each either loop of the belt way things looking good on the beltway delay free whether you're in Maryland or in Virginia 95 the Baltimore Washington Parkway good between the beltways coming out of southern Maryland with bound 5 northbound four No reported issues just yet We actually have a report of something on northbound four and forestville however in your Walters lane Watch for response for a report of Iraq starting to see a little bit of a delay as you're approaching the beltway inside the beltway no reported issues There I two 95 D.C. two 95 in good shape headed to the 11th street bridge inbound on the suitland Parkway still at speed trying to head to the Douglas bridge no problems along New York avenue at the moment Now good hope road between 25th street and altima place They are now alternating traffic there while they continue to fix the downed pole and wires from the earlier crash If you're in Virginia the woodbridge area southbound route one at Mary's way amount pleasant drive the lanes remain blocked for the crash northbound it is one right lane getting you by northbound 95 as a slow spot between Dale City and woodbridge that it looks good crossing the Aquaman into Springfield onto three 95 headed across the 14th street bridge and no problems along 66 in either direction SAIC and Microsoft understand the challenges of cloud adoption and partner to help you accelerate your modernization journey to the cloud securely Visit SAIC dot com slash cloud I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic We're going to warm up again today We've got our forecast here with Mike stennis It is going to be a spring like day across the area and look for a mixture of cloud cover and sunshine with Augusto wind at times It will be mild or.

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