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Depend on the twisted WSB traffic team to warn you without major problems Newark community get it added wave of hands-free warnings with the WSB. Triple team traffic alerts at automatic audio alerts for your route three for iphone and Android. Powered by bright boxy electrical on shockingly. Good electrician's WSB news. I'm coming up to six oh, seven live team coverage of traffic and weather first triple team traffic. Here's Doug Turnbull. Southbound right around seventy three to allow. The governor's motorcade. On five northbound, we can tell you still about thirty five minutes. Up to highway sixteen counties. Smilin' Mark McKay. A whole lot to smell it out of Buckhead toward Alfa Reta this evening on four hundred northbound lockdown north of Lennox road. Heavy traffic conditions up toward the north springs. Marta station easing up. Just a tad and Roswell on the brakes again old Milton Parkway as you can send you up toward Peachtree Parkway. Lot of wrecks scattered between sandy springs and rows along highway nine latest one highway nine south main street at Roswell street northwest, Mike shields. It's tried to improve your still slow go seventy five northbound from midtown up to Malpensa road. Is he made Kuwaiti to decide the brake lights pick backup pass Delk road? All the way up to wake green road, seventy five. Southbound delays southbound Parkway done to two eighty five five seventy five northbound deal with the brake lights from seventy five up pass. Bells for road words, WSB jam came showing trouble working off to the right triple team traffic WSB radios only five-day forecast, here's.

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