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Right as we continue congressman in the bigs chairman of the freedom caucus congressman lease Eldena York okay I'll start with you congressman in the bigs how does all of this play out because we have to look at every event now through the prism of the election November third in two hundred eighty five days how do you think or do you think it even their impacts the race I think this has a tremendous impact on the race in fact a ship kind of let the cat out of back when he started talking about the twenty twenty election I think president trump is stronger than he's ever been and I think he's gonna have some tremendous coattails and that's necessary for us to take back the house there's no I mean we'll do it will have the same frustrations we have now if president trump is elected and we don't take the house back and I think we're in in getting stronger and stronger taking the house back because simply what you what you discussed people are disgusted with this process in my Democrat friends in my own district will tell me there discussed with this this is really they've overplayed their hand in the it's a well things been helpful for the country to I mean congressman Selden how do you think this impacts the twenty twenty race with about thirty seconds and why can't you talk peeking into staying in the Congress because I'm trying for almost thirty years he's ready to move our eyes got grand kids then and okay I really don't want to hear it I said okay he still needs to serve his country that's it for some to do we do a favor yeah you got it I I would say we got a hold that seat are your from Zack house or walk around it order for him for a while and we gotta make sure we carry the president carried that disturbed by nine points well very very important I think all this is going to impact the twenty twenty race this is the biggest is America on the brink here and the world with it because as America goes so goes the rest of the world congressman Zeldin thank you congressman in the bigs as always thank you when we come back more details more that you won't get from the media mob also get a lot of your calls and and the other news of the day that we've got to begin to start hitting and our friend Vince Ellison and Daryl parks how real is this new large support with the African American community for the president we'll get to that straight ahead news traffic and weather Tampa bay's news radio WFLA good afternoon and Felix Vega.

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