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Radio. Tickle Me Mahrez available at KB Toy Stores. Welcome Back D A with you Here on CBS Sports Radio. Happy Tuesday to you. It is a trash Tuesday, so let us know who or what your trashing we'll get to our trash is coming up next hour on the show. Pete Tweets. Brewers fan here D A. You listen to an anomaly of the broadcast. Ugur usually has a few good and relevant stories that he works in while simultaneously calling a clean game also He's only been calling home games the past couple of seasons. Good update, But I heard he was phenomenal. Just a good clean broadcast. It was phenomenal for 87 years old man, that dude's a legend, an absolute legend and Has lived himself a life. It has had a really good time doing it. You've got to love it. He's phenomenal. Okay, so more as are you ready for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics coming up this summer? I believe they begin in four weeks. Three weeks. Four weeks at the end of July is when they begin. I believe I am because I'm a big Olympic guy. Perfect bridge here post NBA and NHL into football. I like it. You are a big Olympic guy, huh? More winter than summer, but nonetheless, I love the art of competition in the Olympics. I really do the art of competition. What does that mean? I just I've seen people that aren't really paid Athletes go out there and give it the role for the role and I'm a big swimming guy. Give me the track running. I'm into it. Okay, So your favorite events that are swimming and track and field? Ah, yeah. And water polo. Oh, I can't get enough of the water polo on CNBC during the day. It's great. Really? What is it about water polo. Because it's insane. These athletes are just treading water constantly sound like they're stepping on like an above ground pool like the rest of us to have that kind of stamina and basically been winging balls like if across her hockey above water, I find that game to be insane. Okay. All right. Fair enough. I do like the Olympics as well. But I like it for I think the nationalism patriotism. I love that people are so proud of their countries and that These are these are their lives. I mean, this is not usually like dream Teamers. You don't know these household names. These are just It's not Simone Biles. It's 100. Different American athletes that you've never heard of getting this opportunity. They're doing it for the U. S. Or any other country. I just think that whole part of it is school. But I like the Olympics as well. Specifically the the Summer Olympics. I get into more than the Winter Olympics, So let me ask you did you know that tennis is an Olympic sport? Didn't feels unnecessary. But I did not. It feels unnecessary because there's already a W T A in a men's tennis tournament or tennis organization, right? Yeah, and they're competing on a world stage as it is not a country by country. Okay, So yes, Like Naomi Osaka is going to be competing for Japan. And in the past, Serena has competed for the U. S. And so tennis is Olympic sport and will be again this year. Good for them. I'll pass on watching that knee Olympics. Did you know that soccer is an Olympic sport? I did I did. I don't have an issue with that because soccer has great international tournaments, but I still would prefer the World Cup over the Olympic soccer. I I think that's that's that's definitely a A common refrain. These are usually under a certain age. Just not everybody's kind of veteran teams all the time. But right It's certainly not your your hard core. World Cup or any of these big international tournament teams. Usually beach volleyball. Did you know was an Olympic sport? Yes, I love beach volleyball. I love the little venues they build. I think it's great in pairs. It's awesome. Surfing is an Olympic sport. Did you know that? I only learned that on my trip to Hawaii because they were having some Olympic trials there when it went? Yeah, I did not know. Surfing is an Olympic sport. You know, Skateboarding is an Olympic sport. No, that's not a sport that somebody does that to the done kicking a happy sec. Well, did you know that it was? You're just dismissing it as a no, I didn't know it was. I think that's ridiculous. Skateboarding. Yeah, the X games They wanted to bring a younger audience into the Olympics. There is another event this year that I think is brand new, and I was pretty stunned to a news when they saw this as an Olympic.

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