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Traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives it's three fifty five years Jeff Beck well they've had some light snow in the grapevine and for the last hour or so the CHP has been escorting vehicles through there but you're starting to see some back up making its way working its way towards Castaic so that's going to probably continue to build as the morning goes along but as of now it's not close the rate plan is not closed and the CHP is helping out there snowing in the San Bernardino mountains chains required on all the mountain roads including the eighteen thirty one thirty eight and three thirty Anaheim west by ninety one coming up the fifty five a car hit the retaining wall and is blocking the slow lane also with the hills was buy one wanted desoto a car crashed into the wall there your actual port coming up at four oh five I'm Jeff bass with more traffic reports more often can extend seventy newsradio look for a heavy rain today this morning and this afternoon it's to should taper off as we get moved through the dam thanksgiving but Raynal of in on Friday it'll be often on we'll get a break in the rain on Saturday but then the rain returns on Sunday and for all of these days it's going to be cold is going to be much colder than we're used to with temperatures in the sixties for the most part not not very warm so be careful if you gonna be outside forty five degrees right now in center Carita Vicki how you doing has the knee it's coming along Dr but still some soreness let's see you know this soon after surgery some pain is pretty normal I was hoping to get more pain killers.

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