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Westbrook. Talking about his astonishing book up sixty six was used to be a photographer attributed of teachers out west. Took this. Should without knowing much about route sixty six hundred sort of odyssey. You really really got. What did you get hooked on the first trip was on the first when you met ROY Rogers, and Dale Evans that would probably go you did that happen. I met came across ROY. And Dale on the very first day of the very first trip a stopped and victorville in one of my guide says. Roy Rogers fans, and borderline necrophiles. Who want to see a stuffed horse should stop at the museum and you being curious fellow? I wanna see a stuffed or I want to see a stuffed horse. So I walk up to the front of museum. There's a guy smoking out front, and he says if you hurry, you can see ROY and Dale in there. I didn't even know they were still do you? Did you know who they were you kind of knew the names, I knew them quite walk as my new my mom was a huge Dale Evans fan when when she was a little out of worse in the book. It's fantastic. And I knew that she she wanted to be Dale Evans. I knew she was a real heroin to people. My mom, my mom in particular was a huge huge fan. So, but I had no idea they were still around. So I went I went inside. And there they were in the gift shop signing autographs. Roy is on a scooter that says on the front, it's this trigger three. Dales in next we'll share. And so I waited my turn everybody was getting their autographs, and I show I took out one of the cans, and I put it front of ROY. And I told them I wanted to take his picture with it. And so he must've looked like you were a lunatic. A campbell. Like that exactly. What he said was. I ain't never heard that one before. What he did? And Dale Waxman Armagh says he's probably telling you the truth. And he said, I didn't know he was I didn't say it was lying. Just never heard that one before interesting. So they so they met me they met me out back and. And indulge. You takes a little while they let me set up, and as I was taking getting it all set up. Roy was giving me a hard time. Are you? Sure. You don't have beer in. There is giving me a hard time. And then we made the pictures, and they both seem to get a kick out of it. And they each got in a separate mini van with one of their kids, and they drove away to separate doctor's appointments. And then and then that was it. He he passed away a few weeks, later, invasion, which start your your odyssey. It had to almost make you even more curious as you proceeded, and I'm not putting words in your mouth. But all the curious to meet a the people on the road. Is that true? Definitely I think that the people throughout this project have been. Sort of the key. That have kept me going. It's the most interesting to stop and talk to the people along the way. A lot of people said go russillo, sixty six six or wherever you want to say it as a as a. Drag old off the main line? I find from your book club sixty six that it. This is America man, a making too much of that was spoke. Now, that's that's exactly how I feel. It it takes you cross every demographic every political part of a different different parts of the country. But it's. I think there's it's sorta the magical place, and what I'm always looking for are these relics, and these these things that take us back to a different era on the route would also I mean, you say I think you say liberal, my is kind of eight time what you've created. Here's kind of time machine of sorts. It is not to a bygone America. But it's two way. I think he's still a little be drag. I'll give you there. But he's also pretty vibrant there. Yes over. Yeah. Definitely. And I think what I've seen I've been working on this for twenty years, and it has changed a lot in those twenty years now, you see preservation, and you see museums. And you see you see a lot of things coming back. But just over that over the course of that time..

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