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Feet from Indian coin. So he needs to do more while he needs to get out and my second. My second endorsing what I'm going to vote for is for teach out because he understands the environmental situation, and she does not take corporate money, and she's bringing up and the third is voting for Virginia. Parents in the state in my local state Senate primary. Andrea Stewart cousins against Andrea Stewart cousins. She's the hero of the anti DC movement. Though, she's the one who was supposed to become Senate majority leader, if the Democrats take a majority what what it calls into her about about environmental issues and she never got back Comanche. Totally unresponsive. Peres will get it. Thank you very much for your call. We appreciate it. Interesting. No one's mentioning the Lieutenant governors. Which to me is a very important race. Because you know, is he said this on the podcasts, but you know, for some people. There's this assumption that Cuomo's the parent, and so they're looking at the LG in the eighties race to vote for someone who they think can be a foil to write you mean the presumed winner. So there's a possible Williams are teach out would serve as a check and balance onto what they assume will be a Cuomo third-term, right? And and again interesting that both the times and the Amsterdam news, the only two papers that I see who that endorsed in both the governor and Lieutenant governor races. They did in effect split their tickets so Cuomo, but not his running mate the Lieutenant governor Kathy cocoa. They both endorse your money Williams who is running to be kind of progressive check on governor Cuomo and progressive sort of pressure point on him. If he gets into office. So that's the last thing that Andrew Cuomo wants us, right? So so two things number one in one thousand nine hundred eighty two when mayor Cuomo was running against Ed Koch for governor the times endorsed Ed Koch. But then also endorsed mayor Cuomo's running mate to be cautious running mate that person's name was Carl McCall who later went on to run for governor. But a second point then didn't the opposite happened. Mario Cuomo one. Yes, let somebody who was not his causes running-mate one. And that. Dichotomy created attention in that Lieutenant governor didn't surfer full-term he ended up leaving right because he had nothing to do. That was very different different dynamic, though, Harry, right? If we look at that ancient history of one thousand nine hundred eighty two that that Lieutenant governor was just marginalized governor. Mario Cuomo Germany Williams would not be marginalized a bull. He would be out there holding news conferences, issuing statements things like that because he sees his role differently. So. This is interesting history, of course, Andrew Cuomo. I runs for governor against Carl McCall doesn't wait his turn and gets crushed. This is two thousand two twenty years Witter, Jimmy Williams who just because of how term limits work in New York needed the next place to go to wants to be this needle or the spoil to the governor and the times and their gritted teeth endorsement of Cuomo Cuomo terrible guy disappointed, but he knows how to get things done. And if he's pressured maybe we can make him, you know, sort of enthusiastically embraced this idea of shifting the pressure to his left, and this impact has been Bill de Blasios since coming into office, and is the origin really of his fight with Cuomo. And a lot of ways is saying we can get the state Senate all the way to the left, and then the state can give me much more money for this millionaire's tax. I wanted the Cuomo who was then running for reelection at no interest in giving him and was furious. He kept asking me said, I'm giving you money already like don't make me raise taxes in an election year. So these guys have this incredibly interesting and entangled history with each other and Cuomo came into office after a bunch of dysfunctional governors. And he said I'm going to pass a budget on time. I'm not going to raise taxes, and they do a lot of like socially consciousness with some help for Mike Bloomberg bribes to recalcitrant previously state senators and that was good enough. And that's still where he's at is that the ground is very close to shifting under him as suddenly all these calendars are emerging from the left and his position as the essential central middleman is threatened and he's run in. That course, which has before and in nineteen eighty-two, even I won't get into the specifics in that second time, very nasty invective directed at at Koch. He's ruined some incredibly nasty ads at the end of this even as polls show him up by a tremendous amount of false accusations from the Democratic Party controls. They said they didn't know who put them out, and then it was some community advisor. And then it turns. Who was a senior advisor to the governor making false allegations about Cynthia Nixon's beliefs on Jewish and Israeli related issues just before the election. So it's incredible this old history. Keep cycling in these new people are coming up potentially if Giuliani wins, which I think you will. And observer does which I think she might. The the the dynamic changes, and he's no longer than man at the center, and he's struggling with that already. The last thing is he's a terrible campaigner. And he always has been. He was terrible McCall. He wouldn't really campaigned against effort four years ago. He's very gifted at wielding power, which is a different thing, you controls this large budget, these agencies that are off the state budget books that are billions of dollars more over two hundred forty six were. But we've so you're seeing him struggle in new and interesting ways to say something about how the Democratic Party is shifted beneath him while he's been in office and the expectations of voters have even as he's very likely. I think to win this primary. He's been damaged severely by this exercise to any of you think that that last minute Mailer, which the times editorial board. Everybody else called sleazy was a sign that Cuomo is more worried about how this race might turn out than the polls. Which have a big gap would indicate. Causey? I think it's it shows. There's a concern. But I don't know if it's about losing or just about being embarrassed, but a small victory, and it also shows what some of his campaign people think is appropriate to have government officials sort of step away from their government roles and campaign like this like that co mingling they they think that's okay, they think that's appropriate. They think these are the issues that voters are going to decide on when Andrew Cuomo the first time he was a candidate in two thousand two and several many times since he's projected himself as as someone who says, let's talk about issues, let's not be negative. And if you're talking about the other person that says you don't have anything to say about yourself. And then his aides do this. So that really says something about who Cuomo says he is and who Cuomo really is. And I also just, you know, alluding to what is he said, you know, sometimes a win isn't a win. Right. And so when he ran against that Moore wins ever ran against him for years ago. And she got a third of the vote which shocked most of New York he won. But it was slightly embarrassing. And I think he's really concerned about the percentages, especially because he thinks that he has a future in two thousand twenty see you can't hobble into success in your primary with your challenger an actress with no political experience getting over thirty percent. Although if if Cynthia Nixon gets just a third of the vote today and Cuomo gets two-thirds that would mean he beats her by more than thirty points. And that would be considered a good win for him at this point, wouldn't it? I it he frame it that way. But I think in I think he'll be okay, obviously in November. But he's not thinking about November. He's thinking about twenty twenty. And so is he thinking about twenty point. He's thinking about it. No one else. Well, asking because in the debate on on channel two he said he will not run for president the only way he would not finish out this next four year term if reelected is if an act of God strikes him dead. I mean, that's as close to politician actually rolling something out as I could think of right. And we know that Cuomo shown himself to be abundantly, trustworthy, these past few. I also think he's he's thinking about January if his coattails don't bring along Kathy wholefood food, Lieutenant governor. If if he doesn't bring along his preferred Lieutenant governor hidden attorney general if it also in Bolton's legislators to stand up to him, that's a very long term, and he may want that alternative option that he jokingly suggests but he's running as the progressive hope of New York to fight Trump. So is he also at the same time worried that the state legislature will go more democratic and stand up to him from the left is that what you're suggesting Ozzy. Yeah. Because Cuomo has a history of moderating positions that fifteen dollars minimum wage that he the New York Times editorial board and other people give him credit for that's phased in over six years. And it's not indexed to the price of inflation. Which means by the time, you get your fifteen dollars. It's not even worth fifteen dollars. So Cuomo is very smart. He's done some very good things. The safe act is a bolder step than most other governors have taken in the wake of gun violence. But there's other things he's done where the headline which really good. But when you look at the details activists who know the information say that's not enough. And some legislators might be willing to challenge him on those issues. Brian Lehrer on WNYC live in the green space for our primary day politics special, by the way, I'll be back tonight at nine o'clock, which is when the polls close at New York for an hour or so of election returns coverage we'll see what they can determine by ten o'clock tonight. And whether we have to stay on longer, but we will be doing live primarily returns, which I'll be anchoring tonight at nine o'clock here on WNYC, my guests right now, the three co hosts of the new New York City, politics, I guess, New York City and state politics podcast, FAQ NYC Harry Siegel as he paper, and Christina Greer. And we have our informal. Unofficial thoroughly unscientific primary exit poll going on the phones at two one two four three three WNYC two one two four three three nine six nine two and Christina. Here's how thoroughly unscientific. It is so far the only 'cause we're getting in the governor's race. And we'll get to state Senate and some of the other things as we go along in the show, the only 'cause we're getting so far in the governor's race are from people voting for Cynthia Nixon. Right. And so we don't take that as statistically Representative. But what we won't use this in my stats class next semester. But what does happen on talk radio all the time in various ways. And I think we're seeing an example of it right here is that the people with the most passionate about an issue or in this case, a choice tend to call in. And usually the people who were most unhappy with the status quo tend to call people call in to complain about something more than they call in to say that politician or that corporation or whatever is doing a great job. And I think it suggests a question though, which is who feel strongly about Andrew Cuomo. Right. We know that people feel strongly about Cynthia Nixon who are supporting Cynthia Nixon for all the progressive issue reasons and things like that. And yet KOMO does have this big lead in the polls. But are there are people out there? God I really like Andrew Cobb getting out there. So how things fit together the big lead? And that there's no apparent passion. Right. I think some of its name recognition not just from south. But first family, I think that some people are thinking about November and the bridge. The bridge. I'm going to put in quotes, my father, tappan Zee. Right. I mean, you know, I do think that some people are thinking about November and thinking that Cuomo is a better challenger Tamala narrow I think that unfortunately, Cynthia Nixon has some Trump effect where because he is so grossly incompetent. They're seeing her as as the celebrity with no real policy background or electoral politics background. So there doesn't seem to be real passion for Andrew Cuomo yet he knows how to raise money. He's got all the union endorsements. Any seems just fine. I do want to sort of circle back now, and we have to really think about turnout because so many legislators in New York have structured it such that they've made it so difficult for us to participate. I mean, I think New York has more draconian laws than say like Alabama, Mississippi, and this may be a case of the chickens coming home to roost for some of these incumbents because in a low turnout, raise it usually helps an incumbent, but when we see this groundswell that Harry Nause we're talking about with the left into quasi civil war going on in the party where you have these new people who actually are excited about insurgent candidates that actually does not service incumbents. Well, and this is how you can get knocked off with two thousand vote, and it flips the script on turnout perhaps that maybe in this scenario, low turn out actually favours at the Nixon because the people who will turn out or the people who care Ozzy. You're nodding your head. I my head whenever Chris Chris. Yes. But but think about your MTA ride whenever it's sort of. Okay. You don't feel the need to say. Thanks for my okay, ride MTA. But when it gets stalled, I go from zero to outrage really quickly, and I want to tweet about, you know, getting my money back for for this ride. If people are upset they will come out and vote if people think Andrew Cuomo has it in the bag, it's not such a big deal. It's raining. It's thursday. He'll he'll win..

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