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Is broken up by Sarah Leah counter. Cross Saint Louis line left circle. Shot blocked rebound Sorolla left corner. Pumps it back to Girardi right circle. Back for Anthony, Sara Lee at the right circle. So early cycles it recorded corn off his stick. We'll get it back though from Miller at the right circle. Alex, caloric cycles for JT Miller, right circle. Good shift to start the third for the lightning. So makes portrayal of San Jose cord missed an open net went over stick now. Shot left point mcdonagh save made by Bennington. Here's right circle. Right point Girardi, right point, JT Miller. Miller shoots blocked off the block it scooped out of there by Tarasenko. Well, what a great play by Sarah Lee, but passionate. Straub and a quick counter Polat on the right wing crossed the blue line leaves it for Steven stamkos right circle. Stamkos marches by celebrating his twenty ninth birthday tonight left point mcdonagh, right point, Straub and shoots blocked. Rebound plot, right, circle, right point, Strommen shoots deflected wide rate. Rebound gored by the debt Yanni, Gordon, right circle. Gourd sweeps at right point mcdonagh. A little shot blocked. Rebound loose. Stamkos trying to keep it alive for Polat. Instead, it's going to be grabbed by steam. He turns it out to center ice and act. Dumps it in retaking it a straw, man. All swat it around to the near side of mcdonagh. Mcdonagh turns it for plot. Still needs to get clear here and bounce it out to center ice knocking down is Oscar Sundquist they'll peel back to his own end and regroup they'll skied forward to the red line. And backing at the end no score were in the third over and behind the net tied up by Sundquist, Sanford centers, head shot point blank, save as the last key. He denied Meru now braided point boss out to center ice chips at four to the offense. Zona cheeses portfolio has it first, but he's checked by kucherov steel shots and wide open left circle shot over the net. Oh boy. Rebound kucherov, right point, center point, Sergeyev tease. It up takes a shot. Takes the left circle centers. It loosened front Johnson couldn't get it. It's gonna Carino doctor Koop drop left circle who drop shoots and a Pat semi Bennington Coburn right circle shot blocked at front, and it's going to be golfed up by steam to center ice to good shifts in a row for the lightning. Here's Coburn a pass along Sundquist to counter to the lightning at high slot. Takes the shot and he tries to center it. Take it point blank by the Gakhokidze may not Celeski holds on seventeenth thirty left in the third donors score. Boy, I'll tell you what good pressure by the lightning. And then they come back. Come and have a great opportunity Colbert and trigger Trevor struggling in.

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