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If you've ever stopped at a railway crossing and the signals are flashing and you don't see the train order appears to be moving slow and you're thinking that maybe you could get across the tracks before the train comes. Think about this. Even if the engineer sees you and applies the emergency brakes away. It can take a train over a mile to stop over one mile to stop by that time it's too late and the resulting crash will be deadly stop. Trains can't all right here we go. Let's start podcasting. Three to one podcast. Hey everybody It's andy richter. You're listening to the three questions. And i have a very very funny fella here today Whose videos you may be familiar with. Whose comedy you may be familiar with. Who's vive. you may be familiar with. Who it's chris fleming. Andy massachusetts own chris. Fleming thank you so much for having me andy. i'm happy to be here I love your stop. You're very very funny..

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