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Obviously in in coach, we've got so much conversation about the College Football playoff. This year looks very different. So does I'll ask you if you were on the committee knowing what they're dealing with, and the fact that you may have different teams that have played different numbs, numbers of games how would you handle it? You have to be very, very flexible. I'll tell you what you. This is something that's been unprecedented. Never had this before we understand what is up against and we WANNA do you know what they want to do the best job? So if I was on the committee I, want to do the best job I. could the I test is going to be extremely critical this year. is going to be a subjective call. People, but it depends on the quality of opponents to when you talk about the number of games you also have to talk about the quality of the police that you play. I was always taught that it's not just what you do is also more importantly. Against, so I think that that Mansur is going to be huge this year for the College Football Playoff Selection Committee. Coach when you hear. I test. What does it? Say to you on that. How good you look and it's dead set Desmond said I. It's important who you play, and it's also important how you play against those good teams. Are you playing to your championship standard each week in and week out and are you at your best when you're playing against the best because those are the things that people wanna see when Desmond talks about you know the quality of your opponents would it says to me is that you know we're almost eliminating the PAC twelve and I I hate to say that and we're elevating obviously the SEC in in the big ten because and and even now I Say the ACC because Notre Dame being a part of it and the way Miami's playing you know I think that conference is starting to really rise but I think pushing it back is the best thing that we can do I I know we would all like to see rankings because getting crea- it creates intrigued it. It allows us to discuss and debate and have fun with it but we WANNA make sure that we're doing the right thing for these programs and for college football and for the College Football playoff in general and in the right thing to do is push it back be patient. Make great decisions. And figure out who the four best teams are when we make our final decision. So coach from your standpoint, should the committee come out and tell us that there's minimum number of games that must be played to be considered. I don't know that they can do that right now it's like Desmond said, there's so much input unpredictability this year in college football in there's such a need for flexibility that I think that's almost impossible for them to decide right now. Now maybe later on, they will say, Hey, you have played seven games or eight games or six games or five games we don't know what that will be. and. So as once again I keep referencing desmond because he's always so right on is you better play to your standard weekend and week out regardless of who you play and you better be at your best when you're playing the best teams in great because that's the eye test because we know. What's ahead here in terms of picking the final four? Does. Any concern about a realistic scenario where you've got an undefeated Ohio state team that played four or five games taken on in the committee's mind a one loss let's say Bama team that suddenly played nine games. Matt you were. We can play this scenario game, all afternoon and I I don't know Ohio state play if they were undefeated but only play four games I think it would be very difficult for them to have a strong case as far as being one of the top fourteen unless those four games were the four best teams in the conference and they dominated those four games. Then that's when the test comes into play and coach and he said it perfectly that's. What you want to see, you WanNa see these teams that are elevated to search heights that they're playing at their their potential. Playing to their strength every single week especially against stronger opponents and when you see that that weighs more heavily to me, the anything goes so. It's a lot. To learn, we have a long ways to go but to play the scenario, that's the narrow to me. It's just too early but we know that a lot of teams aren't GonNa, play their full schedule because we've seen it already I mean we have games either canceled or postponed every week. So you know what that's going to happen. It's just a matter of how. Many games they play who did they play and how great they looked in those games Dez. You're right. We can play the what if scenarios I'm radio every day. That's what we do. We played what if scenarios? All right. Let me ask you this would this be a year you would accept playoff expansion just to protect whatever the committee has got to look at. I. Don't know I. You know I I like the fourteen format I. Do I think that it creates so much intrigue as we get to the end of the season who the final four going to be In Basketball use IT professionals with final four and talking about the final a I just. Look it. I liked the fourteen format look. I'm with you all the way coach I'm just trying to. All right. What if scenarios? We'll actually take a look at some things we can look at this weekend..

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