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Find you online if they say search, Mike Jeffers J E F F E R S BBN t- mortgage. Would they pull you up in Bethesda? Also, take you to directly to my side. Correct. Okay. So and if you wanted to just Email me at druid, drew dot com. I'll give you that information. If you wanna get in touch with Mike, and even though you're in Bethesda, some people think I can't deal with EMI's Bethesda as ridiculous nowadays, isn't it? It is my money capacity is wherever we have a Bank branch, actually as long as we have a footprint there. We can lend. Yeah. So you've actually done loans for us in Texas and Florida so forth. So we need one in Tennessee beginning of last year, actually. Yeah. So anyway. I have a, you know, as I was telling Robert earlier, I tell all of our clients Mike that if you've got equity in your home, get a home equity credit line. It doesn't cost you anything to get it. It doesn't cost you anything to keep it. And if you ever need that money like Robert is talking about and now, you're find yourself unemployed. You didn't just write a home equity credit line check for whatever equity. They give you that sounded vice it's one of those things you get it. When you don't need it, exactly the way, you stated it it sits on the sideline waiting for access. You don't need it. You don't pay for it. When the need arises. It's that rainy day fund. BBN tea is one of the more aggressive home equity credit line people in the market that is part of our portfolio. Correct. Yeah. So any again, you know, and I get a lot of people who say, well, I never borrow money. I don't I just don't borrow money L, and I'm like. I'm not asking you to borrow money. I don't want you to borrow money. But I wanted as a tool in the tool belt if I ever run into a situation where I need it. You know, and and the best time Bank for a loan, Mike. Exactly the way you stand is when you don't need it. Long McCloy and everything if matches up with the ratios credit scores and the home equity loans more times than not are free closing costs paid by the Bank. Why wouldn't you get one, especially if you have equity in, you know, you're looking to purchase something down the road, the second, home and investment property. Is there waiting for your use? So here's a great example where this is comes in. So you get a client in Maryland. This is so common. They're now. Retiring they're sixty some years old. Your typical baby boomers are moving to Delaware. They're moving to Florida one of the two we got a hyperloop to both of those states people leaving this ridiculous state where it's almost impossible to retire because of the tax and the cost of living in this state. So they wanna move to Florida. They haven't liked the first one caller, Paul. He hasn't sold his house in Maryland, not paldon, but let's say our baby, boomer client. Who's retiring hasn't sold their house in Maryland. Now, they find the.

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