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Legend. I knew him as a as a movie starring the dirty dozen. while. One final note just for reds, fans listening, and and since you're a Yankee Fan, this will fit when we think of the Yankees here. We think of nineteen seventy six. When the red swept the eighty so I'll talk that. Eight I can't tell you how much of a treat this was. And what an honor it was to talk with you. CONGRATS on this project best of luck with it and and I really appreciate your. Check it in tonight. I'll thank you for having me on the show mass. Thank you. You gotta take care and everybody. Who's GonNa movie have a good time. Buy some popcorn. Absolutely. Thank you, Matthew. By all right, take care there you go. Matthew Modine tomorrow night. The premiere of the movie chance Amelia. starlight drive in Friday Saturday, Sunday eight, forty five. It's a really the trailer is really amazing. Six forty sportstalk seven hundred WWL W. Pose it on seven o'clock, that'll be newstime news time. Don't forget gamble and then coming up tonight at nine. Your reality check from nine to midnight a shout out to uh, to a number of people Mike Daly who played chances a coach in real life. It was the executive producer. This kind of put the wheels in motion for getting Matthew on, and this goes back to Pete. Mullen camp, the baseball coach at Sycamore who would drop me an email earlier in the week and said hey one of my player. Jake herdsmen is in. In the movie if you want to talk with him and then from there. I said Oh. Man, I talk with Jake any chance I could talk with Matthew Modine and through that process I. It worked Matthew told me during the break he was He said I'm just sitting in the parking lot at home depot, waiting to buy a pressure Washer says that's how boring things are right now in California with what we're dealing with so the movie tomorrow night. it is a again locally produced and filmed. It is It's a powerful story. Sad Story! chance Smith took his life when he was sixteen. In this deals with baseball and teenage relationships in the effects of teen suicide and Matthew Modine is is the coach in the movie tomorrow night? Saturday, Sunday eight, forty five at starlight drive in in a media. Mitch caught up on some headlines. we're We're loaded up tonight. Don't have a whole lot of breathing room around a number of different guests. Let me give you some headlines. We'll talk later in the show about these Pat Brennan from the acquired checks in it seven thirty six tonight, FC Cincinnati and honest, the hiring of Yop stom-. stom-, today as the club's new head coach, Dom forty seven, he joins FC Cincinnati following a managerial stint in England and Holland prolific fifteen year playing career, so I'm play for some of the highest profile clubs in the World Manchester United Menu for one he will be formally introduced by video. Call with the media tomorrow at Ten am. We'll talk with Pat Brennan from the acquirer about it coming up at seven thirty six high school sports tonight the big news. The OJ says skills training, and all sports may resume March twenty twenty-sixth, including contact sports as long as safety protocol can be followed more on that coming up top of the hour baseball news, reds and Indian should have wrapped up their two game interleague series with the Indians in Cleveland. It would have been game forty nine of the season. They'd have an off day today. By the way on the major league level from the negotiating standpoint, the players today responded to Major League, Baseball's a health and safety guidelines that sixty seven page proposal among the topics protection of high risk, players and family members more testing greater access to the facilities, including use of the showers on. That's the health and safety stuff next step that's. That's still being worked on, but the next phase will be the revenue part of this more expected tomorrow NFL. Network Reports Club today received updated playing rules and proposals for rule changes including an alternative to the inside kick that would allow a team a chance to maintain possession, after they score a touchdown by going for it on a fourth in fifteen scenario from their twenty five yard line the idea behind it is they want the on. On side kick is no longer effective. They've changed the rules to avoid collisions. It's very rarely successful, so they're looking for ways to allow teams to at least have a shot to get back in a game now. If you score you get a chance, you can put it on the twenty five yard line and face a fourth and fifteen. If you make it, you keep possession. You don't have to kick off to the other team if If you would be stopped, the other team would take over where they tackle you golf. The symmetric tour announced today that the Plasco Charity Championship in Maine. viaud scheduled for July eighth through the tenth has been canceled due to the Kobe nineteen pandemic, the tournament will return in Twenty Twenty One east Carolina University announced today the schools eliminating men's and women's tennis, men's swimming and diving and women's swimming and diving due to the pandemic. For everything else you've missed. Go Go to my blog. You'll find it at seven hundred wwl W DOT com. The blog has reds and bengals got reds and mets called by Murray and Joe this date nineteen, seventy five. You can listen to the entire broadcast plus the Star of the game if you Miss Rick Green last night, if you Miss Coley Harvey Miss J Kertzman, who plays in a chance all of that plus.

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