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And what are you allowed them to do? And you see obviously, it's paid off. Now, let's turn to this issue concerning. The cardinals not really an issue. It's a big day for them they received or Michael Bidwell receives the Paul Tagliabue award for his work in hiring and working with minorities. But at the same time the cardinals as we mentioned they came under fire for the Kingsbury higher for dismissing Steve Wilks after one year. What did you make of the Fritz Pollard alliances decision to give the award to the? Cardinals who face some of that criticism? Orion. Like, you said a very kind of curious timing clearly the Wilkes decision after blowing firing him after only one year was not something that really resonated. Well, with a lot of the black coaches feeling was if you only got one year why them to begin with now I will say this about the cardinals. They do have a history of really strong inclusion practices within their hiring. If remember Danny green was their head coach he was an African American rod graves with general manager at the time. He was African American. So they have had a history of of being very in tune with the times and with trying to improve diversity within their ranks. But it does because of the timing of the Wilkes make this kind of thing. That's very interesting. Is this the first power lines? Maybe sending a message saying it's not about what's happening right now. It's about a collective body of work in terms of giving out these kinds of a wards and weaponising the work of inclusion with minorities. Well, this man, this is definitely a kind of a lifetime achievement award. Not based on what happened this year. I mean, the the Wilkes thing no matter what anybody wants say about who deserves keep jobs, we've doesn't he only got one year. So if you're African American coach gets one year and the Fritz power lines, which is in charge of compliance of the Rooney rule, at least helping the league with that gives the award to the cardinals you say, well, how can that happen? But if we talk about a lifetime achievement award throughout their organization, not just in football ops. But in other areas, they have had a commitment to diversity. All right. So one more thing you're there at the Super Bowl right now. You were there. I assume at the opening night last night. What's it like? It's really not for the media is really a marketing tool for Lee. And that's fine. The fans come out to the cheerleaders there. They do the interviews. It's really not for people like me, though, they still let us come. So we can do some work. In addition everything else they're trying to do. But for the fans, it's a great experience. You have to stand there next to somebody who's giving like blankets and things like that to Tom Brady and Bill Belichick that must make it hard for you to do your job. So what do what do you think the league does get out of this? Well, I mean, it's a great marketing tool you do it in obviously it's in the city where the game is being played. And you have the fans come in. And it kind of kicks off the week. It's it's jumps way to jump start the week start excitement about the week. And you have media that's not just traditional media covering the NFL. You mentioned the thing. You just mentioned there are kids getting players assigned balls. There's a TV entertainment shows who are trying to skits. So look at helps the league it's all publicity for the league. And that's what the league once. But it's not for the traditional media covers the game. All right Jason. But just stuck it out. Anyway, I appreciate that. Jason good to see you. Well, up next a star, turn by the son a bump. Sportscenter at six PM eastern with Kevin. And Keith they're gonna preview pelicans rockets and the two the NBA's to hottest stories plus Tom Brady, the best Boston athlete ever..

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