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Yeah, beautiful stuff. That's the theme of Luca guadagnino. This is a really good one. Really, really good. Really good tilt this one performance really beautiful. Just the best the gowns, you know, such beautiful gowns. Yeah. I mean, it is beautiful gowns, but turned to high art. That's it. That is we've made all of our picks. Let's do a quick recap of our picks. Okay, we're going to start with drama. Chris got adventureland. I got a serious man and Amanda got an education in comedy, Chris got the hangover. I got the informant, Amanda got in the loop very strong comedy year. In Oscar nominee, Chris got the hurt locker. I got fantastic, mister Fox, and Amanda got inglorious bastards in action, horror thriller, Chris God zombieland. I got avatar, Amanda got state of play. That happened. In blockbuster, Chris got up, the movie he's seen, that he saw in a movie theater. I got taken, and go back to my Texas to find. We could do an entire episode about your taxes from 2009 as well. In wild card, Chris got a perfect getaway, I got ponyo and Amanda got I am love. We left a lot on the table here. We did. We did. Let's talk about what we left on the table. Sean, paranormal activity. Blockbuster and horror movie, starts a franchise that's still with us. Do you remember the first one fondly? I do. I like to quite a bit. It had a great story line to it, a kind of external storyline, and in addition to the movie itself, which was that Oren peli made it for like, I think under half a $1 million, maybe under $250,000, I just this weekend watched a documentary on shutter called the found footage phenomenon that tracks the entire like the long arc of found footage movies over the last 60 years. And so there's a lot of time dedicated to paranormal activity in that documentary. And it's interesting. I mean, it's kind of like the franchise that built blumhouse, you know? It really did because it was considered. I still think it's considered the most profitable movie of all time because of how cheaply it was made and how huge it was. Culturally. It's not looking back on it. It's pretty good. It works really well, but once you've seen it once, you don't really need to return to it that often. But they're still cranking them out. We saw next of kin, the paranormal I think paranormal activity 7 last year. I loved it. I enjoyed it. Yeah. It was good. So that was a big one. I had a trick or treat was another horror movie that I had on my list that I like it a lot, and other anthology movie. Were you having the house of the devil? Love, love, as pretty close to how I got introduced to Thai west, yeah. I really like that movie. Man, I don't think you would enjoy house of the devil. That's just one of the gut feelings..

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