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That was so sad years old, urinary tract infection by, if I if I die of like of IMAS snake biting my dick, maybe don't include that in my obituary the lead. Dis dis of UTI caused by venomous, snake biting, dick, you wouldn't want. Yeah. What do you mean? That's totally say, I got like smashed by two Cowie Sakis colliding together. That is not nearly as bad, as, as a snake bite the tip of your dad, okay? Maybe we have two different. Okay. If you if that's the case, I'm going, that's the lead. That's the obits died doing what he loved it throw a motorcycle in their throw. A Motors, maybe the snake could be on a mode. Where little motorcycle helmet. But the, the reason grumpy cat was so grumpy was because it had dwarfism. Is that right? That's right. Yeah. I it wasn't. It wasn't eliciting emotion. It had a had dwarfism and that's why it smooshed it's face in like that. Oh, you well, netted Photoshop I love a little genetic Photoshop, all right? P grumpy cat, summer's coming up. And you know what that means? It's about to be wedding season. I've got a bunch of fun events to go to but suit shopping can stress me out. You know, the deal it can be so hard to find the suit that fits properly. That's because an off the rack suit is based off one model but every body is different. It makes sense. So many of us struggle with getting the right fit. But a made to measure suit one that fits just right. Not only makes you look good. It makes you feel good. That's why.

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