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Supply vacuum cleaner bags. Zack Valentine Analysis Center. It should be yeah. Didn't I didn't get your wife. Well I I. It's coming in from the coast. Actually I got her a replica of the Alamo. That's important yes it is you know they moved the Alamo well. I'm glad you mentioned that. I I have a few letters here. Oh you do you get mail too well for those who. I don't have to say those who've never heard this show before it has. No one has ever heard this show before. No one in his or her right mind would listen twice but a few weeks ago my dear brother opened his big. Yapper and in the context of San Antonio he said something about. Did you know he said to a caller from SAN ANTONIO? The Alamo has been was moved from its original location to its current location. And she said I didn't know that and we got five hundred lettuce from San Antonio saying what is he talking about pig. Pagel Pango I'll just briefly read through this one I mean. I don't often read letters but ice was compelled to read at least a sampling of the five hundred. That came in this. I was a gas as I. Listen to you a programmed with Jada that you discussed our. Alamo our Alamo. And it's rather unique location in downtown San Antonio mentioning a little known fact that the ELMO had been moved to this present site from another spot twenty miles away you specify the twenty miles twenty some odd miles on fine so that it would be more convenient for tourists to see. How could anyone goes so far wrong? The Alamo I can assure you has never moved an inch summa cum guy named kraken. It has been in the exact same spots in seventeen twenty four when it was founded as mission. San Antonio de Valera five missions built along the San Antonio River. Wait a minute now. There's a disclaimer. He has visit out. Yeah I can perhaps forgive you because you may have misread your history. History rather yes. I may have read that the mission was moved which it was. It was originally organized in East Texas. Well over one hundred miles east of here in seventeen eighteen shortly thereafter relocated to San Antonio so it was moved except not ten years ago like I thought it was anyway when their own picky picky and it was a hundred miles instead of twenty miles east of San Antonio. You're in the Gulf of Mexico. No that self hundred miles. Easter like Louisiana. No no you're you're on the way to Corpus Christi you are. Yeah it's Exxon XS big. This isn't it you have You have the east coast. I talk to three hundred miles to four states in the northeast. Anyway if you'd like to talk to us our number is eight car talk. That's one eight eight eight two two seven eight two five five alot year on car. Talk Hi I'm Cathy from Centerville. Virginia Somerville Banner Visits Into Virginia. The N. T. R. E. As in the old school. Now the question is don't tell me now because I've already made my decision of whether Kathy is with a k over the C. What do you think I already wrote it with a k? So that I you both raw do swapped. Maybe we'll get to your whole made me swamp. Maybe we'll get ready. Your question the see. Hey this is my question okay. I haven't Centra the SE version. Have you ever seen this? Kinda cute little lovely a- awesome car the only thing I've ever done this cars. Replace the timing belt in front brakes under thirteen thousand you hundred and thirteen hundred and thirteen thousand miles. I went to have the brakes replaced My mechanic went to start it up. In the battery died. It was the original battery. Six years it's okay. Isn't that cool? They happen I I know it was perfect. Well this is the problem. It's got its original clutch in it and I still got lots of miles on it except all right. I'm thirtyish I'm single M my fellow at this thing right. Oh I'm sorry. Oh you kidding. She says it's a neat little car neat little cut. Besides what does it Kaga to do with whether or not nabbed someone as you crudely. Put it right. You think if I had a Camaro with a little thin on the back of the licenses that said GonNa you'd be all set shop for some. He's GonNa Chase her down all right all right all right. Okay this is the deal with. What is the fact that you're thirty s and single to this clutch? Did I lose something here? Let me finish the social silly and all the biographical background material. I got it so he likes to drive this car. But this friend likes to drive this car into the conversation here all along. But you're not listening okay. So I've been dating him for a couple of months couple of months aerial here. You never know. Oh okay Venus de do we want to mention a name here or not? Well no no. I think dangerous look. We'll call him because he doesn't know he's on the hook. We'll call him just for purposes as they call it a working title chip show. Yeah that's yeah so. He likes to drive this car. 'cause it's a standard but you know the center at one point eight. We are not talking sports car here. I can see the problem right now. He's driving it. He's reckoning manner. Reckon this quite yeah on a drive the other day going someplace. I have no clue what he was talking about because I mesmerized by the fact that his foot is riding. This clutch. Can't ever word you don't know how to delicately tell them. Do you know what a dope slap is? You know this this might be potential fathers thinking. You know potential. I is this guy like good job. Good shy wait a minute was it wasn't just the night. Just get balled out a minute ago. Saying something about nabbing somebody was discussing. You'll Langa Traffic Guy Dad. He's got a job. It doesn't have a rap sheet that you know. Have you checked for that? Yeah it doesn't yes always check for a rap sheet okay. Fletch is what four to six hundred dollars to replace it kind of pride myself on the fact that I can go the distance replaced. You haven't even broach the subject. We get in heated kind of I get snappy about this home chip ever car. He's a fairly new Honda. Does he have a stick shift? Oh he has an automatic boy. Oh clutch but you gotTa let you drive his car. You don't drive his car. Could you shift kind of funny? You don't. This is what you do I got it got it. You have my hands wrapped around his throat. No you need to find some pretense next next time you go out you just somehow you make it so that you use his car and you drive. Let me drive on this car. Looks Cute. I'm GonNa try and you you you'd go down the street and maybe twenty five thirty miles an hour. Yeah in reverse and then say oops out there picking up. He's picking the transmission off the street. You say nandonet. This is going to cement your relationship. Well I mean my first. My first thought was as you as you drive along when he's driving your car. You put your hand on the back of the seat as though to caress him. Yes and every time his foot on the clutch you give them a little dope slap them and we use what we call classical conditioning. We we've done this with paid Ryan's dog reinforcement. Let's say do the name. Pavlov mean anything to you and every time his book fifteen fifty eight hundred RPM was like. I'll tell you this. It goes a lot deeper than this. I mean this this this tells me they were GonNa be problems with child rearing saying. Oh yeah they're going to be a host of problems. I think the way that you handle the situation will be will foretell how your entire relationship will unwind. I mean this is GonNa this is gonNA determine. Who's in charge in this relationship? Is there one person who is obviously superior and one inferior? Are you equals? Can you discuss something? A problem on on equal terms without take constructive criticism. Yeah oil indoor and occasional dope dope slap. And if you can't take a dope slap then you gotTa dump them right away your father notwithstanding because anyone who can't think adult slept eight.

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