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From this weekend. We'll be talking in the seven o'clock our to our good friend Kevin Brown. Of the State Chamber of Commerce on the state of Labor here in Indiana. Covid 19 is sort of Hit everything. And the fact that unemployment runs out for a lot of people today if my memory serves me correctly. So that would be like what seven million people off unemployment. But at the same time I mean, how many signs you see people help wanted help want it? $15 an hour signing bonuses. Seems to me that the free market ladies and gentlemen has taken care of, um Those quote a living wage concerns. We'll talk about that this morning with our good friend Kevin Brand eager and in the eight o'clock our September is national drug recovery Month, and so we'll speak with Stephanie Anderson. Recovery America in Indianapolis. About recovery and addiction. Because once again in the world of Covid 19. Addictions are still out there, Whether it's fitting all whether it's Oxy cotton, it's still it's still a big problem. Out there and actually would be kind of exacerbated to a certain degree by Covid 19. These folks can necessarily meet face to face with their addiction treatment addiction counselors. So we'll talk to Stephanie about that in the eight o'clock hour. Then the six o'clock hour. Um, but some of the folks may be aware of we did a poll over my website and the politics about sin of Indianapolis. About the mayor. We talked about crime. Covid schools. Marijuana legalization all that And so we're going to talk this morning, uh, to my poster jump by the name of Andrew Weiss sort of aid RW strategies. About our polling results, which, by the way you can find actually over at any politics dot org It'll be interesting. It's interesting. The results we got Particularly that's the Mayor was likable. But politically speaking, his future is kind of questionable here in Sitiveni Annapolis. Let's talk about the prosecutors race. Which is also wide open. We also chatted about crime. You got 63% of you, Uh Mayor Kenney residents don't think the cities as safe as it was last year, this time. And who gets the blame? I also thought was interesting, too. There's lots of stuff out to get to today. Lots of stuff to talk about. Course we'll have our Weather in our sports no traffic today because once again it's labor Day, so Hey, Matthew Bear the day off, too, but that will be back tomorrow. We should give him a hard time then. So, like I said, a lot of stuff to get to folks this morning. All we need is a shoe just.

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