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Twenty seven or you could give me a foul. Shipmates tweeted to Goodell. Cesspool of Twitter at Zack. L that's Z A C H G E L B a lot in the table. But we continue the NFL conversation adore Jackson was just on with us and the titans zoo started off the year as an I story, especially after that went up against eagles. And they went on a three game losing streak. But now they're back into their winning ways after taking down the Cowboys and also the New England Patriots. So we will continue to monitor the Tennessee titans. But you have to situations that did unfold over the last week. We finally got an answer on Levy on bell. And it was what we expected, and then we start to see more of a team that may start moving on into a different direction. And that's the Green Bay Packers. So on Thursday night football and this has been an ugly three four week run for the Green Bay Packers. Only have one win were they able to beat by. That's not a big accomplishment these days, but you had time Montgomery's owner on the t. Team. He fumbled the football when you're trying to get the ball back to our Rodgers. And the Packers lose to the Rams then you have Jones in New England as it looked like the Packers are marching their way. Down the field to go. Take the lead. He fumbled the football. The patriots didn't allow a point from there and Rogers couldn't get into the end zone after that only scored seventeen up against the patriots defense that is not very good. And then on Thursday night. The Packers as an offense. They weren't cold after getting off to a good start being up fourteen to three they went called mentally at three points in the second half and Mike McCarthy only elected to run the football thirteen times. So what this tells me is Mike McCarthy does have great confidence in his offense number one. But the player does have great confidence as he should is Rogers. But even though Ariza some tremendous marvelous things on a football field. He's not going to consistently win you games by making him be the only source of offense. You can win some games. But you're not going to win enough to get into the postseason if you're just gonna make Roger Stroh at every single time, and you're not going to protect him. And you're only going to run the ball thirteen times you need to run the football and the National Football League. It's the most obvious statement. You don't need a PHD in football to figure this one out. But if you just throw throw throw throw throw, and I understand a big emphasis placed down throwing the football high-octane prolific passing offense types of games. But you need to run the football to you need to establish the Ron to keep the defense honest. So they. At least maybe put some some fair into the difference with after the box sometimes or they try to get them on their feet and say it's going to be a runner a pass. But the Packer said no feeling of doing that. And. Football up against the Seahawks. And ended up part of them in a big way. Have you look at his backers team. I understand me could all sit there and say Roger you could ever count them out. And and all that shirt, but this is a bad football team right now. Let's just call. It out is what's the great win on their schedule. They beat Chicago the year that was the first game of the season Rogers at a really nice comeback. But. Chicago isn't what we where the level that they're playing now. Tie with Minnesota. Beat up pretty badly against the Redskins. You shut up buffalo. Congratulations. Use the Detroit. You beat San Francisco by three loose. The rams. You lose the pats beat the dolphins and you lose the Seahawks three points. There's no signature moment. There's no great moment. There's no resume boosting stop point. So matter in the NFL, but there's no win that you look at it and say, wow, this is a really talented Packer. Steve. This is a really good Packers team. That's gonna make the playoffs, you know. And who's going to be the guy that's sitting at the scapegoat from this who's going to be the person that they put the blame on. It's not going to be on Rogers. Because Aaron Rodgers is that team? Defense in a nice job in the second half against Seattle. So the person that's gonna lose his job. If they missed the playoffs again, in my opinion is give me Mike McCarthy. And you could say fair not fair. Hey, when you have Rogers, you have to make the postseason, and if you don't make the postseason, and you have a quarterback that is annoyed after the game with some of the questioning of of you. There's hope left in the season haven sound too happy. And it sounds like a happy camper. And you have a quarterback who we look at the talent. And we are all the talent. And we love the way that he plays the game. But he has one ring. And this is something that should have more than one trophy more than one ring in his trophy case. And also in his jewelry box. Just what should happen? Multiple Super Bowl winning quarterback with this town. I mean, he doesn't a football field and the almost one on the game the other night. He did. In a bomb to Adams. I'm pretty sure, but they couldn't punch it in for seven. And they were watching in for seven the game would have been over. And then McCarthy, which I don't think it was agreed with about four minutes left or so to like the punt the football. But you couldn't get the ball back. So this is a football team. They expect he's been there for a long time. It's tough to keep a job in the National Football League. For over a decade. Mike McCarthy has done that has been one twenty five seventy five and to advocate, the postseason and has a shiny Lombardi trophy to show for it. But eventually all good things must come to an end. All relationships must come to an end. And I believe if the Packer sees it continues. How it is that this is going to be a team at the end of the year. They're going to say, okay, we need to fix this relationship. We need to do something new. We need to do something different. Because what is worked in the past? Yes. Got a Super Bowl, but there's always a hunger. And there's always a thought that there should be more. And there's agreed here that you need to capitalize and not waste in terms of plastic sess. One of the best quarterbacks that we've ever seen. So McCartney think is going to lose his job because of it. And and I think he has to go because there's no explanation for last year. There was injured. I get that Roger short this year. There's there's no excuses. There's none. So I think the Packers are going to be in play for new coach and on the rest of the league and. John hot cinema. See what other changes are made? Now, another change that's going to be made for next year's love EON bell. Because technically they could franchise tag him again. But they're not gonna pay him twenty five million dollars. They can transition tag. But someone else could match the contract or just become an unrestricted free agent. Well, loved the unbalanced Tuesday, look did not to show up so season is over for the CBA and love EON bell has lost fourteen and a half million dollars. But he think it's it's worth the investment on not getting hurt. Even though it's taking a year off football because he waited this long lost eight and a half billion dollars nine million dollars. So why come back for five or six million share? I would love five or six million. I would absolutely love. It has the other caller pointed out the right makes more money than you. Well, yeah. Five six billion dollars. I'm ever going to be naked. But I would love it. But his thing is taking an investment on himself. He said, okay. I think I'm gonna get sixty seventy million dollars. Why have they Thomas situation? Why have Dez Bryant situates ragged hurt? And then right right at the prime it about to get all this money. Now, that's a great life, but live even better. Set my family up for even well after I'm gone, and and their kids and their kids and their kids their kids and so on. I'm not gonna rest the injury. And that's what he elected to announce teammates. And appreciate that. Teammates, looted his locker the minute. It was okay. He's not a 4._0._1., boom. Let's take all this stuff out of his locker, and you could tell that was a contentious relationship with them his teammates, and they were talking about romance contract situation, whichever happened. So love EON bell had a fine James Connor. He's caution protocol, but he's he's been great. He's been tremendous. And yet Antonio Brown's still you still got big band. You got juju and your defense probably won't offense lions pregnant quarterback. So the fields are fine. And this is maybe actually good thing because you don't have to pay that much money right now. So you get rid of love EON bell. And he'll go to the jets the colts raiders ravens, Houston bucks. Packers your name it whatever team. But they'll be a bidding war form that will be. And eventually wants that's going to be a big fat contract. So here's the question after eight five five two one two four CBS eight five five.

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