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The the wood paneling says seventies lisi and you know he's got vhs tapes lying around like again it makes me think about like we're going to shoot a little movie right now and i get all the casting couch stories that i've ever heard it has this environment and the other thing about weinstein was that he did have women working for him to get other women and that's kind of how it feels like when he welcomes molina back. You're like how was the family reunion. And it's all hansie and of course. When does he figure out that. It's not molina. I didn't follow that. Beat about when he realized he was he was being deceived. I think it was nearly immediately from the way he tells it again. I watched this twice the conversation. He asked where he's trying to say. Oh we're going to take out her brain. And i need you to study it and oh i have to take care of. Oh never your pigs. I think he's goading her. He says you don't raise a girl without knowing the look in her eyes. And i think it is very quickly. What the way. This cat and mouse game goes. He knows this is not the person on my side now for me. I mean these masks were set up in previous movies very rarely used so when he pulls off the melena mask i was like oh i did not see that coming. I really thought that they'd put natasha in prison with alexi. And this was molina. I thought we were about to see molina change of heart like she was going to have her talk with drake off and then walkout betray him and realize is not what to do. I didn't realise she'd already had that moment. Agreed to put it another way. I hated melena. So i wasn't expecting anything. Good out over here. Yeah forgotten about those mask but as soon as that reveal happened. I'm like oh yeah. They did that before re again. I think that was winter. Soldier resolved black widow. Do that kind of thing. But again the frustrating thing is. I thought we'd see black widow bust out of her little cell and free alexi and then free elaine. No she was told everything by millennia before they got captured. Okay we got to switch places like she's gonna tell her every plot detail that off is to go through at the end year then tasha again. I wanna protagonist. I wanna hear that figures things out and is active in. Does things no. She was just briefed on this before. That doesn't bother me so much. It doesn't you don't want your hero to figure things out and be active and pick up on clues. Absolutely i do but i don't mind that. She got this far and her interaction with melena. Got melena to give her this information. What bothers me as well. All the actions going on she stuck in a room talking to a creepy old man you know. And he's the final boss but it's all verbal. She's got robo cops prime directive for in their thanks to his fair ramones. she can't earn an. Yeah the exact note. I wrote robocop like i couldn't believe they're doing prime directive for at this point that i wasn't thinking of that but either of you know i know johannesen made miramax weinstein movies. Has she ever spoken about her relationship with him. Is this in any way. Her settling score. You know scar. Joe has a little bit of a mixed history with the me too movement. After all the stuff with weinstein came out she went to some awards thing wearing a dress designed by harvey's wife not the worst thing in the world. But okay i. I can imagine the internet eating you alive. Could you imagine what twitter did with that. Come on stuart. And when it came to woody allen. 'cause she did star in albany yes some of his best. Frankly yeah and she said oh. I believe woody now. So she tries to stay out of the fray But when she gets in it seems like foot and mouth disease. Well i guess what i was really asking is. Has she ever disclosed. That harvey weinstein was inappropriate with her. Because it does feel like this moment is about revenge. All of this like the speechifying. Well this scene. If scarlett johansson has a dramatic moment in this movie that rings true is the way that she confronts his fake harvey weinstein about why he puts women in dumpsters. Yeah i didn't know if she had a history with that. I'm yelling at the tv at this point because this is the worst bond monologue ing. I'm like can someone just pull the trigger and kill the person they want to kill. Kill black widow killed drake off. I don't care who dies. Just stop talking and pull trigger. I thought she was pretty good in the way. She baited him. I mean took me a while to figure out she wants. The broken nose did like as soon as they said fairmount. I'm like okay. She's gonna break her nose. But then you have drake off start punching her. I'm like okay. He's gonna break it and she's gonna realize she can fight back but no again. She was told what to do like. Oh he's he's got pheromones. So you gotta cut this sever this nerve or whatever like she didn't figure anything out she didn't do anything clever. Like just plug your nose up beforehand. So she has never under his control like no. It's she was given all the information beforehand and everyone did everything for her. See well they say severed the nerve. I'm not sure if plugging your nose would do it. A movie speak. That's what's going to do it. Don't breathe but if i hadn't gotten weinstein yet which i did. But then the way she does bait him like you're nothing you have nothing. You seem desperate to impress me. And he's like. I don't need to impress anyone. And then he goes on to tell her about how great his program was and how he gives women purpose. I'm like from what few stories of red and i try to avoid gossip rags but what few stories i've read about weinstein. The sounds like his mo. Like if you made fun of him yes the you would be subject to a mixture of physical abuse as well as his bravado. About how great he is. I thought rose mcgowan like twitter. Feed might be some of the dialogue. It really does feel and again. I don't think it's a bad thing to do. I mean it's good to have a theme. I think black panther by being afro-centric gave it importance that made it a larger film than just another marvel entry. If this is the marvel movie to tackle me too great. Let's do it. I just feel like this is maybe the only time in the whole movie where i feel like scarlet is doing something important. Yeah i guess she can't kill him right away because she's looking for the key to the computer where they could upload some disks that i didn't know they had to deactivate all the widows around the world i guess that's the big reveal is that there's thousands of widows everywhere and they've controlled every it wasn't hydra before hybrid trolling everything but now it was the widows controlling everything yes very specifically in winter soldier. Hydra goes on arnim. Zola talks about how using the algorithm they've been able to influence world events and get things going the way hydra wants it to be and now this guy is doing the same thing he stole hydros research be like did they never come into contact. Like they wanted such different things could each maneuver the world. The way they want this is it's both cliche and returned to the mcu..

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