Bolivia, Castro Goovar, Tori Regime discussed on Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast


Go that from your book and he just went then the next page pretty fun doing yeah it's is it is a shame that those that couldn't happen now happen they're probably no i mean you fuck cost but then it would be a podcast without you're going to happen is kind of show speaking on your own yes would sit interesting i think you know you're still obviously doing radio shows and the right the right there is a place where you let you have been more than the tv now but yeah yeah yeah yeah well thing coming along to bring things on there yeah but that's that's like account grumble cannot did it three years it's not fair do more of it when i go more city country really believe they sent somebody 'cause we only we need go these places but they sort of insisted when bolivia to do the show you evolve i think they saw of couldn't quite work out whether it was a series talk medical so you're doing a series documentary right usual go to bolivia or cuba the cubans wouldn't let seen right because they said the with our program was to rude about shag with ara and there was there was a junkie now's river that it was about yes so there was no will position movements to the the regime that feed oh castro goovar overthrew dicta tori regime as straighten the second godfather field right so very corrupt and the the rule there was only one opposition party allowed but the opposition party leader somewhat of skewed these credibility one because he had a radio show he was allowed every week and one week at the end of his radio show he shot himself and so i wonder if i wonder if the cuban radio was as cool as radio four would be because then you just did.

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