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He could end up somewhere we'll take a break john chris from saturday down south will join videsh cure come on first taker on for sick now this is the birth all him you find dog show this week tune in to the 405 bomb show as i discuss legislation moscow dr larry culpepper hey i'm in the middle of a pro sorry fawning fans kramer so much dr brought out about some of your airtime john kerry whether you're watching college football were calmed or some god's radio show dr proper makes college football that march leaders who had your local dollar general grab some today can have one of your color y'all miller gober show with your host larry goldberg that's air france welcome back on the program here tuesday afternoon and we are delighted to welcome john chris the program from shattered a down show thank you for having me yeah this is sort of a reunion here for wandering i bet thanks for having me blondy legal endeavor we did have a fine smoothie outing early all got barazenka verisign john's here and we we were supposed to have lunch and then we end up i got the fivestar treatment the nec never wining and dining the dagoukui monitoring through a strong so we ended up only having time to go out for a smoothie is fun it was fired strawberries irregular what did you have anything that altener skin okay let's get to the let's get to the show here and get some information from john john all day long.

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