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I don't think we really touched on too much here. Is that the league's cup A joint league amex. Mls sort of test test ride here and twenty twenty one. I believe it. We're supposed to have one have the we would actually happen. Fully in twenty nineteen or twenty must be the first year. I don't recall that either I think i twenty nineteen was the first year. They sort of is like an invitational next year. We're supposed to be beth teitell standings and now it's back to Imitation or the. That's what this is. This is the hail mary for them. And i think talked about on the podcast that this is the way. You goose your relevance on the tv market by writing on a existing property that his great numbers so it makes sense league. I'm ex would like to expand beyond its current audience and things. They can do that in the english speaking audience. There's obviously they have a couple of games You know a year on f s one in english. They think this is an opportunity for them to grow their base. I didn't they're right but they're coming from a position of of existing dominance and. Mls is trying to be a. Hey guys can we. Can we hit you right on this train. I like your trains. good. I like your train If it works awesome. I think there's you know there's been conversations for a long time about a joint league which is extremely complicated based on the size of both of these leagues and the geographical span. So this is a good. What's titus out i. Let's see if we can make a new. Mos fans out of league mx. Let's see if we can ride so the lease cup happens. The the group's age games do fine. The championship game does great somehow. And then we see a little slight pick-up in in two thousand twenty two in mls. And so ah portland timbers versus fc. Dallas game has ten thousand more viewers on the national. Stage are a good. That's great. i think that's what we want to have happened. And and even if it doesn't even if it doesn't that doesn't happen. It's the small incremental growth. That's still something. If that's getting good ratings you still tie that into your tv package as kind of a here. We're we're going to give you the league's cups so your every year. You're going to have a big big rating event. Like the least and i want to add. I wanna make a comment To sort of clarify my comment. I think from 'em rickling says how. Mls cheap to get into if station will send the mls. Valuations are higher than all european clubs. Saved the biggest clubs in europe. That is expensive not cheap. The difference is the reason. I the reason i do think some european clubs are are are are cheaper Is a lot to do with you. Know they are small small clubs and small little towns and cities. There's also a lot of risk. Involved you take over a club like newcastle yet. You know you might. You have a chance of going in there and and and making a big but you also the risk of dropping noun and losing a lot of your money. So that's why you're not gonna see three two hundred. Three hundred million dollar valuations valuations. Coming in for those clubs. And i think that's something to say. Yes you're paying two hundred fifty million dollars for an expansion fee and mls. But you know you're gonna be playing an mls every single season so that's even a safer investment than some of these other european clubs. So i think what will put. We're gonna put a bow on that. We have a couple of things we got problem..

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