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Night had one last night i got one saturday night mm on sunday afternoon home so you're you're really age than you can feel like work no that's that's that's expert very enjoyable i wouldn't do it otherwise we minutes to your tony in spite of the fact you work and twelve hours in fourteen hours a day like a sometimes you get stuck work a weekends to to you it's fun it's fun really what what's fun about it well it goes back to you know if you're spending the time with i'm you know the right people you know if you're involved in the right community activities are benefitting the community little it'll benefits you personally but also benefit your professionally por you really are in the middle of the night anywhere realize you're bubble this community stuff was all i can see pm whipping i'm bothered a thousand people in your feel you're the chief influence run in the greater but nighter total of being involved in the community you really are involved with everything currently the predilection border trade chair oh my gosh no i see where your su busy who's got the next question here can you describe your dad has been a renaissance and now so what part of him do you take away and use now and how you leader honestly yeah that's as much as a lot of an inspirational anything you know takeaway is i mean the man that was a back at that mike he was about them an athlete he he painted he hunted you know clearly he understood the mission re head why variety of interest sizzling things going on you know what's website addressed for this so thank will be deeply t dot com p bt dot com we've in speaking with their way genders the regional president reader washington reaching the bnp bank this your host turkoglu coast was small and dusted sj andrew starter evergreen advisors dubee stoops kid abc jeff lawson national conference center and rich going to be honest i think over to visit.

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