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A really great voice in the podcast space and has a really unique writing style and i really respect her as a journalist. So i hope you're going to enjoy our interview later in the show. She's been contributing stories. Hot pod lately. Which if you haven't heard of it is one of the leading newsletters about podcasts. And it's syndicated to vulture before going. Freelance sky said was the head writer at inside podcasting which was a daily newsletter about the auto industry and is now run by shri sharma who we had on the show. A few weeks back skies work also appeared in belo collective eater. Sf an in discover pods so later in the show. You'll hear my chat with sky pillsbury as for our podcast recommendations this week through eve's podcasts. Picks we get into the nitty gritty intimacy of human connection. This list could not have come at a better time. In my opinion we're just reentering into some form of normalcy. Totally holding air quotes. When i say that because what even is normal at this point anyways. It's a beautiful creation of podcasts. That serve as an ode to valuing our connection to ourselves first and foremost..

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