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I did not know what to do with myself. I was used to a busy calendar of is used to fill calendar which is busy. I was used to helping people and helping. Executive leaders managing their people and the strategy of the organization. And now i had nothing. I was painting and that was one thing that really helped me. But it didn't fill my need for con contribution. That's why i felt so useless. What am i doing. And and i was in search and that was why we started this podcast. The next chapter the next chapter really wasn't intended for everybody else. Find their next chapter. It was intended for. Me- what am i going to do you you. They thought they were getting advice from the coach and how to find their next chapter and he was trying to find his along with them here. Yeah guesses story at the a few people that become a psychologist is that they go to therapy and decided to psychology. And so that was probably the reason and that was you know. I think that lasted for me. Paul for year and a half to two years I did. I wrote a couple of articles about it On on retirement and boredom and uselessness. And i believe probably the thing that helped me come out of. It was a combination of getting a better feel for myself right and as our frontier her. She always reminds us of being comfortable in our own skin and that's sort of an authenticity. That's that's not evaluated by external but by internal means what drives you. And i've i've always focused on what drives me internally. I've always focused on. What is my purpose. And i. Although i couldn't find it. I began to find hints of it. And then i found the expression of my internal values while supplies so is it just simply putting yourself out there and making yourself available to opportunities present themselves or is it something. Some many of us want a plan. We wanna we wanna plan always in place. The my my life plan my the plan of the next ten years or is it just simply showing up. I wanted to answer that by saying yes to both. I'm sorry i however i do. Want to put an emphasis on the serendipity of it we're going to have a guest in about a month and a half the wrote a book on life and serendipity and that it's not always a plan. I'm very much looking forward to that. Podcast when i return that is to be opened what it calls for in that openness and receptivity is something new. It calls for an intentional self reflection. You have to be able to take a look at yourself and what is going on in your life is does it resonate with some part of the core you now. I have discovered during that process and and afterward the two values are very important for me and they are influence and impact. You talk about that all the time influence and impact did those resonate with.

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