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Orlando turns first for severe weather on channel nine eyewitness news meteorologist brian shields ninety two degrees today coming up we're tracking the storms and the change in the rain pattern for this weekend storms will be back today right now we have some clouds out there it's eightythree degrees in orlando good morning i'm sean vicar we're continuing our team social media posts from the alleged gunman in yesterday's deadly shooting at a newspaper office in maryland show he had a long history of complaints against the paper now this man lives near the suspect and says he was shocked to hear about his neighbors alleged behavior think where you live is placed around and they need to think that was suspected the mudra lives in your neighborhood and that doesn't give you much confidence yeah no it doesn't suspect thirty eight year old jared ramos will go before a judge at ten thirty this morning of course we'll let you know what happens he is facing five counts of capital murder well accused cop killer markeith loyd is asking the court to get him moved out of isolation at the orange county jail in a newly filed petition void claims he's had no significant issues the discipline and therefore qualifies to be reassigned to general population or to a christian program now loyd is scheduled to be back in court later today for a status hearing on his case his attorneys asked that state attorney brad king be taken off the case saying kings position on the judicial administration commission is a conflict of interest kevin refused to seventy six point five wdbo and if you're up really early this morning you might have seen it a falcon nine rocket lifted up just before dawn from the cape this morning it's transporting supplies and in a robot to the space station the launch was absolutely beautiful take a look at some of the photos in the news ninety six point five wdbo face facebook page we a.

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