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And way need somebody good like Smith device to get in there and and help make sure that we support that industry that provide so many jobs. You know, Kansas and Oklahoma Acres with 19 90,000 different jobs related to the gas industry, and I think it's important issue that we make sure that way did representations. And that each district have good representation that represents their values. Congressman Ron Estes, I I have a lot of geologist in my family. My sister is a geologist, My brother in law, her husband, a geologist, My first cousin, a geologist. One of my best friend's a geologist. They're all talking about. Fracking is fracking about to expand in Oklahoma and Kansas. Well, I think right now. That's one of the reasons why this election so important is that it's still bite his cost about and you know fracking. But now that it's election year, saying, Oh, no, We only do it on federal lands because he's tryingto pander to get votes from his thing in Ohio, but you know, we have to leave before him. That's presented by I am. Alexander is completely banned fracking. He signed it, and it would be the law of the land. So that's what's important. On Alexis standpoint, Kendra Orange bus on that last fall, she voted Support and make sure that the president's future presidents could not stand cracking. But this year when it's when it came time, she joined older Democrat colleagues and voted to ban it. And so that's one of those things that you need to make sure that your representative don't stand up and worked for the issues that are important for district and important country. Well, this is Congressman Ron Estes of fourth District in Kansas. He's in town to receive the national striper. Well, a stripper Well Association Expo in Gala Award for legislator of the year he supports Stephanie Bys in the upcoming general election. Congratulations on your honor, and I gather they're gonna be doing some distancing at the gala tonight. I don't know exactly how the form that's going to work for the dinner, but it's it's good to be able aside, traveled back and forth between Between my district in Kansas and then Washington, DC I mean, people are being proved in terms of what you're doing, and and but they're still in general. Want to get out? Want to see their friends when they want to interact? I mean, I think it's a good part of human nature that we get together. Be ableto Tio interact work together. Teo just socialized together, and so things important to do events like this, and I'm looking forward to this evening. I bet you are. And this is also an example of the colleagues that Stephanie Vice has already begun making in her efforts to become Congress person for the fifth District. She's already got connections like Kansas is Ron Estes, and they complete version.

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