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This is news not liked by roger ebert ever really to get over this one now he thought it was meanspirited he gave it i think like one and a half stars in spirit how so i think it's because john candy is kind of a bully he's re his the way he solves all the conflicts in the film is to bully the shit out of people that school official that is one part that as like roof they'd button to that seen is like and yeah are ugly have a rat xu all the thing off the ice since it's cheeses ca i mean but that's just like another badly written female characters movie just receiving abuse and then john kennedy loyd early pumping his liar i really told her what four smokes in a school yes with cigars danson out of funky cold medina there but then but then i also but it's also like i didn't totally hate him in that sink no ending offers little meets yeah yeah like you agree with his point of view where it's like well you of course she's going to but also why does that seed happy what they never ever there's any indication that she's doing poorly in school and it's never and it never never does bag niece has no arc with that no yeah that's the one thing that happens are in the entire movie yes there were two tv show versions of aqaba produced one in the immediate wake of the of the original films starring kevin meaning or a happy in the title role and then like last year they try to do it again with my gift zia why keep trying to reap the uncle buck avert islander will know 'cause like in order like they figure this out in the kevin meaning version i don't know if they did this in a mike apps version but they figured out will they can't the parents can't just be away like because her father had a heart attack they fucking kill them in the mainly show ms yeah the parents.

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