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It would be great. If if that could get get we stop these sort of create a sort of continuous retail district, but I think that apart from apart from him, and and and maybe a couple of other retailers. I think the nature of the space and have separated is not a lot of landowners, developers shopowners seem to really know or care that the spaces empty, you know, we also spoke to Alan lives, who's the principal development group. Doug radio. I don't know if you walk down on Wabash next to Trump Tower. There is a new condo building that that just went up. It's just being finished now called Renault on the river, and we call them up, and I'll tell you concerned about this. So you have this condo tower. It's gone up right next to Trump Tower in your the residents in these condos will be you know, a stone's throw from this big. Empty space. Are they gonna miss that? Or are they gonna wonder? If anything is going to go there is, you know, are you concerned about it? And he basically said, no, no one really even knows that it's areas because it's so out of the way because you can't really see it sort of playing into the same reason why it's never been leased where they've had so much trouble. Finding. It's they're essentially because it's it's just, you know, unless you're on the other side of the river on the river watch. Or you know, you're on the Wabash bridge. You just can't really see the space and don't really notice it did Trump branding problems. These days have anything to do with this. Would it be any different had there not been the dings on his brands and his popularity? You know, that's really hard to say. It's it's an easy assumption to make I mean you hear you know, the residential condo brokers. Talk about how there's kind of a discount on the condo prices in the tower because of the band. And it's easy to think that that could apply to the retail heart as well. And you know, one of the. Amazing information we got in this tax appeal. They went through and the attorneys tax attorneys, representing the Trump organization went through each individual tenant that they spoke to you. And gave a reason why they passed was dozens of done dozens of potential users for that space and a lot of them just said, you know, not interested in Trump Tower looking trying to find somewhere else. So it's always been. Underlying, you know, understanding or assumption would be understandable. And the Trump could Trump land could have a a kind of stigma in a city where the guy got thirteen percent of the vote in the two thousand sixteen election. But you know, it's it's hard to say exactly how much that really sectors into it, Alex. We have about thirty seconds left. I want to ask real quickly. Is there any way to change? This. Is there any redesigned that might happen? Is there any rehab reconstruction that might be able to fix some of these problems? You know? It's a good question. I am not really sure honestly, it's possible that maybe the facade could be changed or it could be set back. I'm really not a construction experts. So I couldn't begin to imagine exactly how much how much how many changes could be made. I mean, it's really hard to believe that there's gigantic columns to be taken out of there. I mean since they seem to be carrying the load of eight ninety eight storey tower. And you got to believe that it's a lot harder to do a renovation. In a space like that at the base of such a huge structure. So I suppose it's possible. But it's just hard to imagine. What that would look like, Alex. So this is a great story. Thanks for sharing it with us this morning and getting up being on the ballot us. Thank you very much. Appreciate it. Alex. Nick reporter at the real deal the real deal dot com where you can find the story will link out to it as well in the podcast of the opening bell. This is the opening bell on seven twenty WGN. Hi, this is Katherine Davis from Chicago. With today's NO minute on WGN.

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