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The first one today is kind of really surprising to me because I never thought this actress would ever want to be in Star Trek or is big trekkie but this person just landed the role of Osaka. Tano now if I butcher that name has because I've never watched star wars the clone wars but Rosario Dawson has expressed interest in playing. Get this queue in Star Trek. Now I don't know how I personally feel about that. Just to be honest because q is always so brilliantly played by John De Lance. So it'd be tough for me to see anybody else play queue or AAC you now. There have been multiple cues like now you had a son and also had a wife so it'd be interesting to me to see what they end up doing with. Q as Rosario Dawson has expressed interest in the cool thing about her is that she could transport through all of the different series so she could be a card she could be in Discovery. She could be pike in so she could. Just Kinda Trans impose on all of these different series of the same time so which I think would be really neat and really cool however to me. She's more of like a grind house. Actress Disturbed famous roles like death proof but She has done great like as the night nurse in the Marvel defender series. So I mean I think it would be kind of almost too much to add a queue in there. And they're even thinking like mentioned episodes back of doing a crossover with all these different star trek shows and doing some back full time travel so I don't think it'd be a great idea to bringing Q. And if you did bring in Q. Just make one If he brought in to card in. It's not John De Lance. I think that would be a travesty. On all account Sir Patrick Stewart and Lance have such great chemistry that to bring in just a new person into that queue relationship with car would just be weird now unlike it. Hopefully you people agree with me. And if not feel free to let me know on instagram proud to say we have over seven hundred followers so big round of applause. Thank you for that and again you can always reach just at Omega Particle podcast. And if you WANNA email me you can always email me at mega particle podcast. Jim Dot Com. We're happy to be. They're happy to debate or happy just to talk either way. Let me know your thoughts on Cue. I think it's I think it's an interesting idea. A cool concept but it could go wrong very quickly very fast moving onto people wanting to stay or get into the star. Trek world is even pack has famously said that he now has drinking drank has drank the Kool aid of Star Trek. And he wants to play. Spock again now. If you haven't watched discovery even peg plays like a younger. Spock that served on Pike's enterprise so I think it'd be cool to have him come on. Pike show it'd be really awesome but especially with how discovery ended in season two. I don't know if that's feasible to bring spock. Back is definitely a possibility definitely with Pike. That show it's just. I don't WanNa get into temporal backflips again. I mentioned with Q I but I do love the fact that he's willing and wants to play. And that's the cool thing about a lot of these actors and actresses like once you are on track. You pretty much set for a really long time. That opens a whole world of comic cons of mean greets of constantly being in the spotlight in some way not as grandiose as like you once were but you always will be welcomed and loved on so. I'm glad he's kind of realizing that feeling that and some actors and actresses don't get that so. I'm glad this guy in this. Prominent spock role is. I mean honestly personally like I really didn't understand making spock in the red angel like I thought it was a cool idea and a concept but it was just I just felt like they just pushed him in there to get spock to be a central character of discovery. And I I mean it opened a lot of cool doors in season two but I'm just not a super huge fan of that second season of discoveries so and I've never done a discovery recap review because I started this last February twenty twenty. So it's kind of all came out way before then so. I've never really expressed my feelings. But not the greatest fan of season. Two's can rebut. It was very good. Don't do too much on spock like I'd rather become almost like a cameo ask in Pike. Pike run the show. Because you don't want it to be all about spot that's a good transition to will discovery versus TNG versus ninety golden age track versus new age of track and Jonathan Fracture. Mentions that in. I think it was galaxy. Con- he had this weapon a Webinar interview and he was talking about how people need to really accept and love on these new star. Trek shows. That are coming out. Napa card is brilliant in discovery is good not as good as the car but it's good and he referenced how when. Tng came on the nineties or early eighties. Is that how so many star Trek people were so against it. Vehemently against this new idea of a new captain and a whole new enterprise in whole new federation and they just wanted the bones. Scotty Kirk Enterprise. And what they got. Was this French English man who liked Shakespeare and first officer who can't sit down normally so and he talked about how much and that was true. I've been reading up on it in researching at there is such animosity towards that first. Couple seasons of Star Trek and what they did is as crazy Nathan so many episodes of TNG so that it kind of changed the structure of Star Trek. So maybe there's some truth that maybe as a fan base we can just kind of calm down a little bit and not Rivera to the T and g days and now the funny thing is. Is that discovering Bakar? The season's coming out now may be revered in twenty years when something new comes out and made my all. It's not like the silver age of Star Trek in the mid two thousand and so I think it's kind of an interesting concept. We need to just calm down and enjoy it. Because there's a lot of times fan bases we don't get a lot of content like I was talking to my wife and she was really into anime and Manga. She told me that a lot of times. Manga may run for books. Five books anime may run twenty episodes. That's all you get. And they don't ever expand it but this is all you get. That's the nature of the beast. That may we got really into one called Cowboy bebop and that really. Kinda made me sad. Because there's like twenty three twenty four episodes in you really didn't get a super in-depth expanded universe like you do and it's good stuff. It's not. It's not crap like if it was enterprise at understand really bad writing but these are great writers in great hits altogether speaking of New Star Trek and one of the things. I've always loved adored and I'm sure many of you out there have as well is how star Trek will always represent or reflect our time when they make episodes in. This is most famously done and the original series when they deal with Vietnam when they deal with race relations and they all do this under the guise of metaphor and allegory. And so I thought it was really well done again in card this season because they had the Romulo refugee crisis in the federation wanted to help. And now in this. It'd be like the. Ussr suddenly didn't exist anymore. All these Russians in the mid eighties. We would have to kind of take care of them. That was really great. Social Commentary. But we've also done it before like in most famously I'm thinking of is the Karazin store in if you've never watched the S. nine as the Cardin scenes were not the not the famous family but the race of the Kardashians were basically this occupying force on Bayshore and they were labor camps concentration camps and the terrible war crimes against the visual and people on ds nine really explore that and it talks about how only like as a Nazi Jewish people allegory. But also as a modern times invading army enforce into a relatively peaceful people but it's great social commentary however and I totally agree with Patrick Stewart on this he didn't interview for the CBC. And he said I do not want a pandemic storyline for this neck for Picard and season to season three. I'm just I don't want it and I completely agree with him. I think we get enough of that every day. I mean there's people out there that have lost jobs have lost loved ones. Were stuck at home self quarantining. So you don't have to tell us you don't have to show us this pandemic on TV because we're living it like we don't need to be reminded in a year. Oh yeah that was really terrible. Remember that so the pandemic storyline and plot lines are definitely going to be flushed out for cheap ratings and and cheap movies and TV shows so we just don't think it's a good idea to kind of follow that trope that will definitely probably becoming in a year or two. I plus Star Trek. Shouldn't I mean we've done episodes like that in the past but for right now no link? Let's focus on something else and escape this pandemic lifestyle that we live now into something different one of speaking of escape good transition one of the best ways to do that is there's this fan out there and he actually edited in all of the bloopers from tng into the original episodes. And so it's it's absolutely beautiful absolutely hilarious. If you haven't seen it definitely check it out. it's something to just kind of pass the time to get a good laugh at and kind of see how they really interacted with one. Another and it's it's fun to see so we've got some time you can YouTube So that really all the big news that I've kind of taken aback by normally these episodes are allow longer but with everything going on. There's not a lot of news so I just brought you kind of the most interesting pieces that I've found over the past maybe week and I know a lot of them dealt with like we need except the new and we need to like be your family. Kinda storylines but I just don't want to trash to the point where you have. Fans being unhappy no matter what happens to matter what they produce hence like the New Star Wars trilogy. Yeah this is my two cents but that has been the star Trek News.

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