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Here's Andy on with T K B. If you read Andrew Bag early, the athletic on all things giants or if you listen to bags during his frequent appearances, they're all can be our during Giants season as he is our can be our insider, you know? Of Andrew Bagger Lee's intelligence. And also know that Andrew Bagger Lee's intelligence is why he was a three time champion on jeopardy. And if I'm remembering correctly, in the words of Alex Trebek, Andrew Bag early, our next guest Solid. Three times champion Andrew Bagby. Joining us on the guest line here in the Tolbert Kruger and Brooks Show bags. How you doing, my man? Now? You know, there are all kinds of intelligence I could. It takes me three hours to put together a piece of idea furniture. I don't play a musical instrument. I'm bad with languages. I can't fix my car. But I can darn well tell you that lovely on is the capital of Slovenia. And that is worth something in a very narrow space. And that's the jeopardy set. So yeah, I'm doing good. How are you? I'm doing fine. Here's why I respect you. I have a lot of dumb stuff in my head. I can't get it out. But you were able to weaponize all of that information you have in your head. And actually become a jeopardy champion. Make it a little bit of scratch off of it. And you got compliments from Alex Trebek. That's that's why rock with you because you were able to do something with all this extra extra knowledge in your head. That's impressive. Me. I'm just a guy sitting on his couch with a bunch of, you know, facts and figures floating around in his head. I respect you for that. Well, thank you. I appreciate that. But it is one of those things where you never know where some random piece of information is going to help you and and I mean, I got so lucky I really did to win three shows back in 2012 and and take home a little bit of money. But you know the biggest thing, the biggest takeaways what you said when Alex introduced me to the champion and he said That I was, you know, a solid champion. I'm like this is worth more than whatever amount of money I happen to take home. I mean, you know, having that sort of little bit of validation or acceptance or whatever you want to call it. I mean, Alex is almost like everyone's dad. You know, you have so few Shared experiences in immediate nowadays, there's a billion channels and places in the end to go. But you have Super Bowl. You got jeopardy. You got maybe two or three other things that we all kind of gather around and get You know tens of millions of people watching every day And so I think that this is why Alex is passing, really hit home for a lot of people certainly hit home for me, and I'm just so grateful that I got the chance to have a brief interaction with them. And and it was a cz positive as it wass. Let's not forget about Alex Trebek High rollers also had to roll the dice and then use a dice to film the board. Let's not forget about that. I like about you, Maura than just jeopardy, but obviously he was. Would you consider him the greatest game show host of all time? Even though I said my personal favorites, Gene Rayburn. Was a match game. I just loved loose it Wass, and they're a little risque, and you didn't really get a lot of the jokes until you've got a whole ticker with Martingale was fantastic. Bob Barker was incredible. I mean, there's a number of guys but He seemed to embody, like kind of everything. He had the dry sense of humor, and he wasn't afraid. Tio use it, and he prided himself in I'm pronouncing the words correctly and knowing the answers, and I always wondered how much he learned from doing that show over 30 plus years had to be an incredible amount of knowledge. But He seemed to have everything, and he seemed to have the show that he actually learned while you're watching. You enjoyed it. You laughed a little bit. And you also learned And you can't say that about most of the The game shows that are out there even though I do love watching, and I didn't learn a whole lot when I was watching match game accepted bread, Summer's like to drink a little bit, and I mean that was good for me. But this one you actually learn stuff that you might be able to use when he was by the greatest of all time when you think Charles Nelson Reilly. Nipsey Russell having Oh, adamant. Avery Schreiber, Fannie Flagg, Patty doing Don't get me started on match Game My favorite Well, and you left out my my favorite. Uh, Richard Dog, of course, which means it, Don Sutton. Yeah, although, although you cringing and watch family feud that would not would not do in Ireland. It was the same realize he stopped that. Because I think he married ended up marrying and contestant from the I think it was a family feud that he married nothing. He promised her. He promised her he would stop doing it. So at some point I don't remember when it wass. He stopped kissing the Ah Kissing the contestants, But yeah, the like, do the on the lips. So it's so seventies. A seven in the seventies was like, Come on, Richard. A cuts a little kiss, kiss for luck. Kiss for luck. And then he's going for a 2nd 10 need. Richard had no problem with that whatsoever. What stood out Richard Dawson. I forgot about him are sticking him match game. He was really, really good. On family feud as well. But Alex, which is I don't know There's something about him bags right? That was like he was a game show host. But he was I felt like almost more than that, like he was the game show host. It kind of elevated, too. Above that. I don't know what it was, but maybe it was a show itself. That helped him But how did you look at it? You know, I just thought Here's a guy who broke Bob Barker's record a Guinness Book of World Records for the most hours on TV. Basically, most TV shows hosted what however, they phrased it, And for him, the spotlight was just another piece of set lighting. It was just it was he always asked to be introduced as and this is from Day one when he took over the show in 1984. To be introduced not as the star of the show. But as the host of the show, Because for him he was just the person who ran the board. You know he wasn't a celebrity, and you could tell that he was very uncomfortable even writing a memoir at the end, or Ah, You know, sort of recording videos. So let people know you know what his condition was, but he didn't want misinformation out there. He knew that it would be something his fans really wanted and would appreciate. And he didn't do it in service to his own ego. He did it in service to you know that his fans who basically treated him like a member of the family, and, uh, I mean, he was. You can't have jeopardy without Alex Trebek. They're gonna have to you have to find somebody who can You've been hosting. I don't know who it possibly could be, but he just Yeah, your right. He just found a way to just give you just enough of his personality, but never make it about him. Yeah, we were talking to our Giants Insider Andrew bag early of the athletic about his experiences on jeopardy with Alex Trebek with Alex Trebek's passing over the weekend bags. Three time champion on jeopardy and I will forever be introducing you as that bags. Whether we're talking jeopardy, baseball or not, Max, Thanks for your time. Thanks.

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