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And they sit there, and they listen to their son describe a murder, and there's a beat and the mother just goes SU who wants apple pie and ice cream, and the and the FBI Asia goes, and we sat there and we ate apple pie and ice cream. And it's it almost makes me want to cry. Yeah. It's like the soup Stephen song about John Wayne Gezi mother, cried embed like when you see the humanity behind that. And you see like the kid who never found even smoking as an outlet even punching a hole in a wall. Which is a great shot. The oh, I know, you know, what I'm talking that something, you know. And that is elegant while I love that show too. Great. We try to get the exact right amount of blood on there. We don't wanna go too far, he cut his hand. But yeah, got it to people this thing Cheney's, dorm room wall has a punch in it. And I'm like this is that's the feeling of being a kid. I don't know what. My dad didn't punch walls or anything. But I remember being a little detective and going like, wait what you know, like trying to put together a narrative who you're always. I mean, I tree of life my editor cut tree of life fucking a mate. Well, that movie is the entity that movie is in. Yes, he made the movie, then he's an amazing world class like crazy brilliant. But anyway, this is Hank Corwin who did also JFK Natural Born Killers. He was over stones guy for wild. Then he did Terrence Malick worked with ham. He did big short needed this one. Anyway, he's he's brilliant. But the whole idea of like piecing together the mo-. Ocean mystery of your parents, and their parents, and you get outta my face. Here's what I found a lot of it goes back to World War Two. Is that right? Yeah. I really found. There's even pictures of like my grandparents up on the mantle they were two and both my grandfathers World War Two. And a lot of it goes back to that. They were different people when they came back. Yeah. And then there was a lot of like how does the how does the wife and the kids account for this? How you'll with the distance slaughterhouses battlefield. Yeah. And war tends to be the kind of ripple of lot of these mysteries. But that was global traumatic event if we're the therapist of earth. Yes, that's a global trauma. Do you have? We should we should devote some time to that. We've gotta talk about. I mean, I'm being the therapist. Oh, yes. Yeah. Two sessions to see you twice a week. Let's just talk about dressing just talk about dress to the earth. We might wanna do threes a week. I love mystery of like our motion history mystery, heavy one speaking of Oliver Stone. I'm just gonna let you had that nine eleven movie, and this is kind of a stupid question, and we can fast forward through it. But I remember when I went to see this. I remember when nine eleven happened. There was that guy the secretary of transportation Norman Etta. I was going to tell you that gives the testimony of Cheney allowing the attack on the Pentagon from one perspective, you could say, yeah. And I was like movie sort of allows that that did happen. But you don't see it. It was that the shootdown order of the planes or you're talking about the Pentagon. Well, there was the shootdown order for the planes. And then there's the plane is coming for the Pentagon. Yes. And they're like that's debatable. That one we tried not to put anything in there that was considerably debatable. And it's not there are there are Republicans who until you didn't order the shoot down of the plane. They're lying timeframe doesn't make sense. He had to have given it before he talked to Bush. So we knew that one was true, right? The Mineta was tricky. I mean, you're the Mineta testimony the guy references. There was a shootdown order. We think from the president. He said. Bus on that. Flat out lying about four times where they were like, oh like scooter Libby and Cheney with the Valerie plame. Oh, no. They're straight up line. There's no doubt. There's a meeting at this day at this time..

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