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Hi, Marty, Larry, joined, by Dave Flemming Dave a great class going in, I, just get some of your thoughts about some of the players going, Jim Thome Jim Thome e You know when you look. At the all time home run list he is so high up there and, I think a lot of people forget. That Jim Thome. Is known I mean he was known I think her while. He was playing as the nicest person in the sport Jim Thome me has a great personality he's another gays got a great personal story of kind of an underdog story somebody who was never considered a great. Prospect and just with hard work turned into Charlie manual raves about Jim Thome me and all. The hard work that he put in with him to become a better hitter I. Think of him in that Cleveland uniform get a lot of home runs with the, Phillies may his career lasted a little longer maybe than, you think you think of those his Cal buyer Indians teams that he was a part of that were so good and he was right in the, middle of that order but he hit the. Hundreds of home runs, in, a Phillies uniform and, managed, to find a place to. Play defensively wasn't just a d. h. Jim tell me one of the, great homerun, hitters I almost I almost feel like watching him was like must have been what. It was like watching Harmon Killebrew or somebody like that from the sort of the golden era of baseball who wasn't an all around talent the way that maize was or or. So many of those great players but was so good at one thing that he became one of the all-time rates so you can walk, also RBI's everything he had the whole game day Fleming great stuff this is awesome Slater of the San Francisco Giants now back to the pre game, show with Marty Laurie on KNB are six. All right You're heading after today's game here at AT and. T. park check out the. Toyota fan zone located behind the left field bleachers bring.

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