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At WTO dot com The national is now start a series tonight with dusty baker and the Astros are coming off that four one loss Yes they afternoon to the mets Dave Johnson a util sports The top stories we're following for you on WTO P British officials say that Russia lost significant numbers of troops and important equipment when Ukrainian forces thwarted their attempt to cross a river in the east Ukrainian authorities meanwhile opened the first war crimes trial of the conflict today a Russian soldier stands accused of killing a civilian in the early days of the war WNBA star Brittany griner has had her pretrial detention in Russia extended by one month The Biden administration says griner is being wrongfully detained there She's accused of having vape cartridges containing oil derived from cannabis Elon Musk says his plan to buy Twitter is temporarily on hold as he tries to pinpoint the exact number of spam and fake accounts on the social media platform Keep it here on WTO for more on these top stories in minutes Students who fell behind during the pandemic are the target of a multi-million dollar plan in the district More than 9000 students are expected to benefit from the new high impact tutoring program a $20 million initiative that will take place over the next two academic school years We have a targeted focus on vulnerable students We want to remove the access barrier from this conversation D.C. state superintendent Christina grant says the program will focus on the individual needs of each student with the help of 12 community based organizations Now part of the investment includes training for tutors as well So far about 2400 students have used the program We hope that the impact will show us that tutoring should be a part of our ecosystem for some time to come Melissa Howell WTO news Stay with us still to come in money news Or you can buy a nice house for a $128,000 I'm Jeff cueball We're listening It's ten 18 Traffic and weather on the 8s to Carlos Ramirez in the traffic center Thanks so much I kind of want to go back to Jeff clay boss story but we'll talk about this If you're headed on 66 as I mentioned the work zones are out there If you're headed westbound after nutly street you're going to see them along the right hand side of the roadway they'll be there until just after one 23 so stay along the left Now on the eastbound side sounds like they are setting up a new work zone there as well right by one 23 you should see them along the left hand side Here's the problem with that sounds like there might still be that disabled vehicle along the right hand side of the roadway just before the beltway though those delays are basically cleared up so if anything needs more than likely over on the shoulder by now fingers crossed of course southbound 95 slow between lorton and one 23 no incidents though that's the good part of that If you're in the district watch out for this Massachusetts avenue near Thomas circle looks like they've got a utility issue of some sort so the lane that goes under the underpass is currently close So you will likely have to just go ahead and take the actual circle to get around that relatively simple Sound bound D.C. two 95 you're all jammed up basically from bedding road down towards the 11th street bridge outer loop slow in the usual spots between one 90 or between I 95 and over towards Georgia avenue This looks like we might still have some crash activity on the outer loop mostly on the shoulder just before 95 So watch out for them there as well as slow going on the BW Parkway near the direction headed to and from one 98 but no incidents there However now I want to talk about route one If you're headed on the southbound side headed through elkridge sounds like a medical emergency of some sort so there is a pretty heavy response through that area soon after 8 95 on your approach towards it's going to be old Old Washington wrote to watch out for those delays there in either direction looks like there's a bit of a distraction on the northbound side Island flavors have arrived at tropical smoothie cafe try their new tropical teriyaki flatbread and dragon fruit ore star fruit smoothies for a taste of the tropics today Official smoothies of the Washington Nationals Carlos Ramirez traffic All right let's get the word on our Friday and weekend weather storm team four's Mike stennis is joining us live now Mike isn't going to be difficult to avoid The Rain for the next couple of days I think it's going to stick around.

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