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Give us a little information and Here, but not there. It's hard to put it together and pieces together and get your arms around. What's going on. In the logic of his treatment? Reporters Ask Dr Conley about a tweet from Mr Trump. Don't be afraid of covert. Do you agree with that way? I'm not going to get into what the president says the number of Corona virus deaths in the U. S topped 210,000 today. CBS News Special Report. I'm Deborah Rodriguez dealt with the teams in news time for 32 long lines at the Cova 19 testing site, and Winnebago County is the Fox Valley deals with a surge of cases. Wisconsin Health officials have reported nearly 1700 new covert 19 cases across the state today, which is down from Sunday and a record 2800 cases on Saturday. The Winnebago County Health Department is preaching patients saying there are 3 to 4 hour delays at the sunny View Expo Center testing site a hearing into the statewide mask mandated wrapping up this afternoon, it was held by a Saint Croix County judge considering striking down Governor Evers and statewide mask mandate in a case Brought by conservative legal group Will. The judge could grant an immediate injunction temporarily halting the enforcement of the mandates this while the case proceeds in Circuit Court are you ready for some football Packers and Falcons from Lambeau Field tonight? Start time has been pushed back to eight PM and had been scheduled originally for 7 15, then was moved to 7 50 do the Patriots Chiefs came, which was rescheduled for today. Kickoff will take place at eight o'clock. Census workers in Wisconsin's North Woods have Mohr than their share of challenges from unreliable cell service to the occasional bear encounter. Census workers and violence County say they've run into some really friendly people, just not a lot of them. Wisconsin State Journal reporting. The workers often drive for miles between stops on Ly defined mainly seasonal properties..

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