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It was wild rice scary over there. Yes. So I mean, there were there were a lot of fights that happen. I got into fights. But I feel like the way that you guys. Did it wasn't gang related now. And it was more organized in like sophisticated because you guys are doing dude fighting wrestlers and shit, right, dude. Yeah. So we would have like Friday like every other Friday night, there'd be a party at someone's house. And then x amount of people would put in ten bucks on twenty bucks on whoever they thought it was. That's dope, dude. So I would walk away with money every night. Like I'd walk away with a couple of hundred every night. What really started this was because I was plateauing out my my taekwondo school. And I there's nobody else to train with. There's no one good enough to push me in and I was really bored there, and I also had my martial-arts team at the time. Yeah. Team Ganji, and that was fun for me too. But that was more training. And I can't beat up on the guys that I'm you know, I'm working with and It's not not the the. war. The enemy. Yeah. Exactly. So I had to put myself in a situation where I could test myself more. So I would do that and make money, but what really changed? It was. I remember there was a fight and we were going, and I mean all taekwondo, it's all kicks, right? So I'm just kicking like crazy. And that's why nobody could really handle me because my kids are pretty good. And this was a boxer. And I remember he closed the gap and he just landed a clean punch to my face. The the craziest part was that. It didn't knock me out or anything. But when there's such a there's such a violation of space when someone punches you in the face dose, barring is two guys kind of kicking at each other. There's a lot of statistics with with. Yeah. It's dangerous. It's way more dangerous because someone's during their can lay got you. Yeah. You know, but there's a lot of safety. Yeah. A punch feel so personal and it stunned me and that fee. Feeling that stunning feeling? I never wanted to feel like that again. So after that. So when I was about sixteen seventeen I started training boxing, really heavily. Yeah. So that that was the first transition from taekwondo outside to another Marsh lar-. So where did you take boxing? So I started boxing at well. It's kind of a crazy story, but at El Camino college, you know, City College. Yeah. So if you guys went to El Camino, and you box, do you guys know mitts Yamashita knits is the man. He's I think he's like a seven or eight degree blocked by Kito. Oh, and he's like influenced the Tokyo like police department to I think somebody does boxing and Kito he does way more than that. He actually does karate too. And he grew up training with Chuck Norris, Janis grandpa annoy, all grew up together. Yeah. They were all just doing martial arts fighting together. Miss was like one of the OJ legends. And he teaches at the City College her fun because he likes it. And he's such a he's an amazing teacher. I learned so much about. Martial arts just threw him. So is assistant Jeffrey who I learned from. He actually took me on as a stronger mentor outside of MIT. So the train with mitts than I would go to Jeff's private garage. We called it knocks Jim. Yeah. And that really really changed the way that I fought, and he he revolutionized the way that I thought about martial arts and fighting and I trained in boxing heavily and Kuno with him. And at the same time, I was training with Simon re who's really Mike closest instructor who everybody knows as my martial arts instructor through Tai Kwon, no and stunts and acting the whole world. That's how I got brought into the industry is Simon re. Yeah. And I also trained with Michael Weiss who taught at the academy. He was like my father at the time to you. I was so close to him. And he taught me collie see law, and we tie boxing and really heavily on g Kuno in some wing Chung, Dan. So that was like that all really sparked heavily when I was about seventeen eighteen years old. And it it lasted like. Solid like for like three or four years of like every single day intense training, I trained about maybe eight hours every day..

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