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It's friday november thirteenth. I'm mary regalado. And here's your local news from the los angeles times presented by the salvation army in a year with fewer red. Kettles helped rescue christmas for the most vulnerable to give ask your smart speaker to make donation to the salvation army or donate at salvation army. Usa dot org today will be partly sunny and cool with a high of sixty seven and low tonight of forty nine our top story la county public health director barbara fairer warned yesterday that additional actions could become necessary to bring the rate of corona virus transmission back under control however she did not elaborate on what potential new measures could be implemented california joined texas yesterday as the only two states to have officially surpassed one million infections. Thanksgiving is also becoming a particular concern. L. a. county is recommending. That residents don't travel out of state for the holiday. And if they do that. They quarantine for fourteen days upon their return in related news rides and attractions at the santa cruz. Beach boardwalk are closed again after being open for only a single weekend. Santa cruz county reverted to the red tier of the state's color coded reopening system indicating a substantial risk of infection. After spending two weeks in the more moderate orange tier officials said the number of active cases doubled in recent weeks. Arise that appears to be related to halloween in light of that the boardwalk announced the closure of rides mini golf and indoor arcades as well as the bowling alley and neptune's kingdom entertainment center on wednesday in travel news. Fear of the coronavirus could be responsible for the biggest drop in thanksgiving travel by southern californians since the great recession of two thousand eight during the upcoming five day. Holiday travel period. Nearly fourteen percent. Fewer southern californians will take trips compared with last year. That's according to a forecast by the auto club of southern california of the southern californians. Who planned to travel ninety. Two percents will drive. That's up from eighty six percent in two thousand nineteen still airline executives are holding out hope that travelers will book last minute. Flights at lax carriers are scheduled to offer up one hundred fifty thousand seats between november nineteenth. And november thirtieth. That's down from nearly three hundred thousand in the same period last year. And finally the dodgers. Mookie betts phil just short of being chosen as national league. Mvp instead atlanta braves first baseman. Freddie freeman won the award freeman finished as mvp. Despite getting off to a rough start he experienced severe covid nineteen symptoms at the beginning of summer camp. That's meanwhile finished. Second in the voting and san diego padres third baseman. Manny machado was third in his first season in. La bats batted two ninety two with sixteen home runs and was one of baseball's best defenders. He also won a role series title a gold glove award and a silver slugger award for these stories and more visit l. a. times dot com..

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