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The variant of covert 19 1st reported in Britain has come to California. The same strain was also confirmed in Florida and Colorado. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University say nationwide more than 346,000 people have died. The New year could be a time of healing for the nation's pandemic scarred economy. NPR's Scott Horsley reports on what economic forecasters expect from 2021. Business. Economists are increasingly optimistic about prospects for the new year. Nearly three out of four surveyed by the National Association for Business Economics expect GDP to recover all the ground that was lost to the pandemic sometime in the second half of this year. Likewise, officials at the Federal Reserve have raised their outlook for 2021. On average. They expect the economy to grow more than 4% this year, while unemployment should continue to fall, hitting 5% by year's end. Much depends, of course, on getting control of the coronavirus. Forecasters are encouraged that effective vaccines are now in hand, even if those shots are not yet in very many people's arms. Scott Horsley. NPR NEWS Washington The United Kingdom has completed its formal separation from the European Union, ending a year long transition period. The new era means a new kind of border with custom checks reinstated between the UK in mainland Europe for the first time since 1993 Rebecca Rossman reports the first ferry to sail the English Channel under the new regulations arrived in Cali Friday morning. While there were no incidents, Port authorities warn things could get messy, comma January when traffic on the channel is expected to pick up Under the new regulations, and estimated 220 new customs rooms will have to be filled out every year. In order for trade to flow between the UK and you countries. The French government has hired an additional 700 customs officers and invested €13 million an infrastructure to ensure traffic continues to run smoothly along the world's busiest shipping route. For NPR News on Rebecca Rossman in Calais, France. This is NPR news. And this is W. N. Y. C in New York at 11 04. Good morning. I'm Carrie Nolan. Five women anchors and reporters who sued New York one's parent company for agent gender discrimination, have departed the local cable station as part of a settlement ending their lawsuit. In June of 2019, Roma, Torrey, Amanda Farinacci, Vivian Leigh, Janine Ramirez and Kristin Shaughnessy claimed charter communications had reduced their on air time due to their ages. Pushed for younger looking female reporters. The five women issued a statement saying it was in quote everyone's interest to resolve the dispute and part ways but they would not disclose whether they received payments in a statement. Charter Communications thank the former employees for their quote years of dedicated service. Was a quiet New Year's Eve in Times Square last night is the usual shoulder to shoulder crowds were encouraged to stay away to limit the spread of coronavirus. Ali Jameel, who owns a store near Times Square, said he misses the revelry. He's hoping the new year is better. We are dreaming for to come back.

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