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Dot com here is John Aaron and it's good to be with you on this chilly may morning houses of worship in Virginia are expected to reopen next week but only at half their normal capacity here's what the diocese of Arlington is doing to prepare all restrictions will be essential for everyone's health and wellbeing says Arlington bishop Michael Burbidge a re integration working group is assisting me in developing those critical measures more details will be released next week but he says diocesan guidelines will include limiting the number of persons allowed per mass maintaining social distance and providing for an active cleaning schedule Michelle Basch WTOP news while Virginia is about to start its phase three opening at least one part of northern Virginia may lag behind a statement from the Arlington County Board points out that hospitalizations are still on the rise in the county the board says for now the most responsible path forward is maintaining Arlington's current operating status phase one of Virginia's re opening is set to start may fifteenth it would allow some types of businesses open their doors albeit with strict guidance on how they can operate prince George's county has had the highest number of covert nineteen cases in Maryland and the fight to flatten the curve continues to cite a study that shows prince George's county residents have the highest compliance rates with the states stay at home order the number of coronavirus cases continues to grow county executive Angela also Brooks said the county is working towards a goal of testing ten thousand residents a week also Brooks has asked the governor Larry Hogan for ninety thousand of the test kits that were flown in from South Korea we have not as of yet I received any of the allotment of test but the governor assured me that they would work with us getting that test she says is contingent on the creasing lab capacity and also Brooks says the county is working on that Kate Ryan WTOP news and all they are nearly forty eight thousand reported cases of coronavirus in DC Maryland and Virginia more than two thousand plus new cases were reported in the area yesterday new numbers come out later this morning we also have more than twenty six hundred confirmed deaths from the virus for recovery numbers and more data you can check out our custom infographics at WTOP dot com search coronavirus there's a warning that Maryland's crab industry could face a collapse industry leaders are reaching out for help as they face worker shortages in their eastern shore processing plants five hundred visas were requested for workers mostly from Mexico but only a hundred fifty visas were approved NBC four reports without the seasonal workers the Maryland economy would suffer a one hundred fifty million dollar loss Montgomery County police have released body camera footage of a deadly shooting involving an officer and an armed man in the footage the officer involved in the deadly shooting in white oak sergeant David calling can be seen getting out of his patrol car and aiming his weapon as thirty year old Finn in Burke while demanding he put down a knife Burr who is off in the distance on a sidewalk instead runs toward Colin before stopping and backing away returning to the sidewalk the officer continues to yell at him to drop the weapon and get on the ground burst still armed yells and is then seen charging a Coen for second time that's when Colin fired five shots but was taken to a hospital where he died Cohen has been placed on administrative leave as the investigation continues Melissa Howell WTOP news new today we're following a deadly shooting in Lanham two women a mother and daughter along with a man were found with gunshot wounds along Walkerton drive late last night the mother was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries the daughter and the man died at the scene still ahead what could be ahead for jobs numbers following that brutal jobs report it's zero seven you can't use your time share their closing the resort's canceling reservations and preventing owners from booking new reservations meanwhile you're forced to keep paying maintenance mortgage an assessment fees and forget about even getting there to begin with does your time share company care of course not they're taking advantage of you it's not right and you want out with the.

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