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Jimmy Johnson. It's throwback weekend here, Chase Elliott driving a car, a throwback to his teammate, seven time Jimmy Johnson. Jimmy Johnson, on the other hand, has thrown it back, and he's done it in a big way. Representing Richard Petty and Dale Sr and Winston Kelly. Not only is the race car a dual scheme for Jimmy Johnson out here between the King and the Intimidator, but When he arrived on pit lane earlier this afternoon. It was a dual scheme as well in person. Anybody knows anything about Jimmy Johnson? I know he does everything with class and if you weren't with us at the top of the broadcast As he walks down pit road. All the drivers need to bring their own helmets and other years and Jimmy's been bringing this suitcase and he walks down pit road. He has a cowboy hat. It's one of the Charlie one horse hands that Richard Petty gave the entire field when he was celebrating 50 years and racing back in 2008 at Chicago Land. He was also able to find a pair of gargoyle sunglasses from one of the Earnhardt relatives, Dale Jr and Kelly putting in touch with him, and it's actually a pair that they are Dale Sr war, So they had a Richard Petty Cowboy hat bail. Earnhardt Sr gargoyles coming down pit road far down the side is black, like Dale Earnhardt seniors. Good drinks car with 48 the numbers in the same thoughts as good Chevrolet, with that angle back, and then the 43 on the top with the SDP Red and the Penny Blue and 217 time champion honoring two other seven time champion. And when I think about Jimmy Johnson in class I think about how he handled last weekend. He just barely missed the playoffs by six points. He didn't bring up the fact that they were disqualified with a second place finish in Charlotte. He didn't bring up what happened here. Darlington when he made a mistake, he didn't bring up missing a race for coping. He didn't bring up that he got brought into an accident, not of his making. So Jimmy Johnson. Always class. Why missed the playoffs? It would certainly be interesting to see if he broke a tile with Cale Yarborough, Todd, Darrell Waltrip and body Alison for four on the all time list with 84 wins here tonight that is the director of the executive director of the NASCAR Hall of Fame and member of the Motor Racing Network Crew. Winston Kelly on seven time Jimmy Johnson, who is second. Behind Martin Trucks junior, and when you look at the crown jewel opportunities, Alex Satan, he's been there and done that. Ah lot. He has won the Daytona 500 twice The Coke 600. Four times the Southern 500 twice in the Brickyard. 404 times Total 12 should very well be a first ballot NASCAR Hall of Famer when it's his turn to go up for nomination. There's just three laps to go here in stage number one of the cookout Southern 500 Martin Tricks Jr. He's the race leader. He exits Turn two and heads for the Boeing backstretch. They come now off turn number two. You've got Martin Truex Jr entering the quarter Jimmy Johnson while in hot pursuit, not pressed to really overextend the far There are three cars between the two and two laps remaining in stage number two. Across the line comes Martin Truex Jr. Right behind Jimmie Johnson and Chase Elliott Hamlin and Kurt Busch been a very impressive second state for empty day. Just kind of put the rest of the field at arm's length, and he's got a big lead as he heads for three. This's not the first time we've seen that a Martin Truex Jr. He knows how to get around this racetrack, and he knows the skill set that it needs. And right now it's on full display on turnover for Jimmy Johnson. Now, just trying to keep pace with the race leader Flash by the start finish line race leader Martin Truex Jr. One lap to go on stage number one. Nobody had nobody behind Martin Truex Jr all by himself. He worked through wanted to look.

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