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Some of the top ten, I think Ryan can give a lot of these guys a lot of problem because of that hand speed quickness and ring IQ. Yeah, and he rehydrated Tim to a 148 pounds, which tells me that one 40 is a comfortable weight. Like, tell me if I'm wrong, but it feels like if you get within ten pounds of your weigh in on a rehydration, you're probably good. Like that's a healthy way to kind of rehydrate. That's not going up way too much at that point. So I think he's comfortable and good at one 40. He wants tank Davis. He's been very clear about that and even as we record this is still tweeting and doing whatever he does to try to get tank Davis to agree to face him. If you were part of team Garcia, if you were Joe goose and his trainer or lupe Valencia, his manager. And Ryan said to you, I'm ready to fight tank Davis. What would you say to Ryan García? Well, let me put the business hat on. Business had on hell no. I would not put my investment in the ring against a puncher like javonte Davis. No matter how bad he wants, I mean, you can't pay me enough money to put me in the ring but you can survive Davis with my guy and Ryan García. I mean, you can see Ryan is a, he can be in household name real soon. Real soon, this guy he can sell out arenas. Just as well as a tank Davis. But it's a little bit too soon. A little bit too premature. I don't think he's ready just yet. Tank Davis is a season. He's a season. I don't want to say veteran, but he's a seasoned pro now. You know, he's 26, 27 years old. He's fighting at full capacity right now. He's right in his prime. You want to keep this young gun away from him. For a little bit, a few more, I would say a few more about a year or two. You want to keep him away. Let him continue to grow and get and get and get fed the right things with goosen and just record his progression over time. And once you see that he's ready, then make that leap. But me being a businessman, I wouldn't do that right away. Now, fighter fighter. Hell yeah. Maybe in a fighter hell yeah, let's do it. You know, there's something obviously that he sees that he can take advantage of what tank Davis. Okay? That's obviously something you can see. From a fan standpoint, hell yeah. Put that pressure on javonte Davies. Why not? You know, because it's a fight fans fight. We want to see, you know, the two best guys near they prime of one in 8 prime and one that's not in their prime. And fight at the highest level, we want to see them go head to head. A lot of times we let these fights mature too damn low. You know? Too long. You got tears. We still waiting on terror girls fence. This should have happened two years ago. We still waiting on it. So why not see who the best is now? And if it's a great enough fight or good enough fight, they can run it back again. Running back again, you know, they can have a trilogy. If each of them win a fight, why, why the hell not? I couldn't agree more with the fighter. I disagree with Tim Bradley the manager, because look, a lot of fighters, you're self included, see something special in tank Davis. I don't, not yet. I see a guy that has been consistently put in with carefully curated opponents. Really since 2017, when he beat Jose pedraza, which was the best win on his resume. Basically everyone there has been carefully curated. His recent fights. He moves up to a 140 pounds, and he fights Mario barrios, good fighter, probably should have already had a loss on his resume when he fought for that secondary title a year before then. Goes down to one 35. Raleigh Romero talks a good game, but has zero resume also should have had a loss to Jackson marinas in a previous fight. Like tanks being put in with guys that largely have no chance of beating him. And one almost did. Esau Cruz almost did. Now all of a sudden he's got Cruz as being portrayed as like this, you know, this boogeyman in the 135 pound division. I think tank has power. I think he fights incredibly intelligently in the ring. You know, you could see against Romero, he was baiting him, repeatedly, and eventually Rolly leaped in and got caught with a big shot, and it was lights out for Rolly Romero. Tank Davis has never fought anyone as dangerous as Ryan García. He has not fought anyone with the physical tools of Ryan García. You can argue, certainly it'll be true that Ryan García has never fought anyone with the tools of tank Davis certainly anyone with the power of tank Davis. But Ryan García in the last year and a half has knocked out Luke Campbell and he's knocked out Javier for tuna. That ain't nothing. Those are good, medium level B level wins. Look, I don't know if I'd make Ryan García a favorite in that fight against tank Davis, but to me it's 50 50. And the guy first guy that lands the big shot wins and Tim, nobody's ever going to convince me that Ryan can't land that big shot first. Like tanks the smaller fighter, Ryan's great at fighting smaller fighters, he keeps him at a distance and lands that quick check hook. Everybody's going out at that. Not just Hank Davis. Wow, man. Come on now. Oh, you going on for resume? Come on, man. That's all we got. No, you gotta go off your eyes, man. I'm talking about your educated eyes, brother. You gotta understand the tank Davis. He likes these guys big. He likes these guys tall. He don't have a problem with guys. Taller than him. What he does have problem with is guys that are short as him is shorter than him. Because he's so used to being a smaller guy in the ring. I believe that Garcia is Taylor made for a guy like tank. Tailor me for him. And Garcia, the problem with Garcia is sometimes he can get a little bit beside himself. Sometimes he can be a little bit, he can take too many risks inside the ring. You know, I see it. And sometimes he stands well. A lot of times you stand up pretty straight. His knees, he don't let them bend the knees. And he's always looking to pull back. And that's one thing you can't do against tank Davis pull back. You know, tank will dig down to that body, slowly bring that kid close to him and slowly slow that get down and he will catch him with something over the top something straight, something he doesn't see with speed and power and accuracy that take has in the experience that he has, regardless, we talk about resume, okay? I get it. But draws up, going back, all right, that's why I would say that's really only title win right there was against Pedro. But for dryden was an Olympian, the drives at the time was undefeated. And he stopped him. And he stopped him, okay? The other belts you want to talk about, okay, those are regional titles, whatever you want to call it. That's fine. But how he beats these guys is what you got to look at. It's not who you fighting all the time sometimes. It's how you beat them. How you break them down, how you fight inside the ring. That's what I'm looking at. And what tank does, and the way he breaks these guys down and away gets rid of these guys and he sets them up. I'm telling you, that dude is a bad boy. He's a dangerous guy, and he's a very, very dangerous guy for a Ryan García. I think he will end his career if he knocked Brian Garcia out. You know, you don't, Matt. Chris, look Maddie. You don't want to ruin a guy like Garcia, man. You know, this guy could be this kid can be a superstar. Not just a star, a superstar. And trans men boxing at the right time. You don't want to take that risk against tank Davis, man. That only needs one punch. One, that's it. It is night night. Okay? But that's my egg. That's my opinion. That's my assessment, man. I got tank Davis all day. And if that fight

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